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  1. Is there a way to save it out in the old file format or does that entail starting from scratch? Further ... Have there ever been talks to get your files ported over to the Switch?
  2. Thanks.... Something must have changed in the TB files, the last download I had is 2016 and it works perfectly fine, other NES Roms work, it just appears that 2019 and 2020 do not... I have tried 2018 and 2017, something must have changed in how the information is handled between 2016 and 2017. So far I've used Moonshell and NESds... Any other suggestions?
  3. I love this game and really appreciate the work you guys put into this. It's inspiring, I'd like to tackle an EA NHL 95 in a similar manner, but I am borderline an idiot at these things. Question @Knobbe I'm running this (Vanilla, Version 0 and Version 02) through an emulator to play on a Gameboy (DSi & 3DS), this new version scrambles a lot of the graphics up, to the point where one cannot really play the game.. all the characters sprites are broken. ... Am I missing something or grabbing the wrong file?
  4. Sorry for the threadbump... has anyone had any bricking issues when installing the HBC on their Wii?
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