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  1. Love to see if you have any interest in compiling TSB 1994-2010? I'd be willing to paypal some $$ for your time.

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    2. qbvikings


      Hi Brian, thank you! I really appreciate it. I have 1994 started and about half way done. My issue is that my business takes all my time these days. I will try to get back to 1994 and a 2017-18 rom by the end of summer but can't make any promises. Thanks and everything I do on these is for FREE.

    3. broncofan7


      Well I'd like to reward you somehow for your time and effort. It's truly created hours of enjoyment for my son (and especially me!)

    4. Terrell714


      Fam do you know how i can updated roster for temco super bowl 3 on snes

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