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  1. I am in agreement. It's way too hard for me to play with everything being intercepted, or fumbles, too, always being returned for TDs.
  2. The timing with 5 minute quarters are perfect IMO - they seem to go by fast as is. Ha.
  3. Hmm, I never noticed the flickering in the previous versions on OpenEmu. Was I just missing it then or did something change? I wonder if the flickering would happen on the PSP too. Yeah, that was pretty darn fast. Ha. For someone who doesn't understand all the computer tech stuff, if you run Nestopia in OpenEmu, what would be the difference running Nestopia somewhere else?
  4. I see what you refer to the sprites now, disappearing some. It does it a little on the other core too. But man, what is Arizona's Bethea's speed? Got to be in the 90s with a pick six return LOL. I would not know the answer to the sprites disappearing part - it looks like when it does it may be in straight lines.
  5. gojiphen malor, I haven't checked - were you able to fix the timing in the quarters issues in the options?
  6. Tecmo man, if you go in the list of systems and two-click (two-finger click) over NES, you can change the default core to FCEU. That's what I use - I think Nestopia wouldn't let me run some hacks and translations.
  7. In the downloads - when I select download this file, it downloads a hack list. Was it not supposed to be the game?
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