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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello All! If you're bored of playing the same old seasons, maxing out stats EVERY SINGLE SEASON, then this rom is for you! I present to you MvG Sports - Tecmo Turbo, where each team plays only a 10-game schedule on the original 1991 TSB rom/game. Each team plays their divisional opponents, once, and plays at least 1 opponent from each of the other divisions, based on the quality of the team (#1 AFC EAST, plays #1 AFC CENTRAL, #1 AFC WEST, and so on). Try to get your 63 TDs, your 4095 Yards, and your 127 sacks in 6 less games! Good luck and enjoy! Trevor
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello All! To reinvigorate playing seasons against the CPU, I have altered the original Tecmo Super Bowl rom to have a completely different regular season schedule for each team! All teams play all teams that they didn't play in the original iteration of Tecmo Super Bowl, thus there are NO DIVISIONAL GAMES! 4 teams (NE, DEN, PHX, MIN) have a new 16 team schedule. The rest of the teams in the 5-team divisions play 15 teams that they didn't before, and 1 dupe. The teams in the 4-team divisions play 14 teams that they didn't play before with 2 dupes. Below is the actual schedule. I did the best I could. All teams play 8 home and 8 away games, but due to the schedule breakdown/circumstance, a few teams do play twice in one week, but for not more than 1 week. I did kind of do a beta test regarding injuries within the same week, and players that do get injured in game 1 of the week can come back in game 2 of the week. Please let me know if you have any comments/questions, but most of all ENJOY THIS! I know I will! Oh and a big thanks to the creator of the TSB Tool Supreme, which allowed me to complete this task/project Trevor WEEK 1 seahawks at patriots vikings at bengals packers at redskins bears at eagles saints at buccaneers 49ers at jets steelers at rams lions at cardinals oilers at falcons bills at broncos WEEK 2 bills at browns colts at falcons dolphins at oilers patriots at chiefs jets at bengals raiders at steelers redskins at chargers cardinals at bears cowboys at 49ers eagles at rams saints at lions buccaneers at seahawks chargers at packers WEEK 3 falcons at bills bengals at colts browns at dolphins saints at patriots rams at jets oilers at chargers steelers at cowboys 49ers at broncos redskins at chiefs giants at raiders packers at 49ers cardinals at buccaneers seahawks at vikings lions at eagles WEEK 4 bills at oilers colts at saints dolphins at falcons seahawks at lions jets at steelers raiders at browns chiefs at bengals broncos at giants redskins at 49ers bears at cowboys eagles at vikings buccaneers at cowboys chargers at cardinals packers at patriots WEEK 5 saints at bills oilers at colts steelers at dolphins falcons at patriots bears at oilers browns at giants cardinals at packers rams at broncos vikings at chiefs eagles at raiders buccaneers at 49ers seahawks at redskins chargers at cowboys lions at falcons WEEK 6 bills at bengals colts at rams dolphins at saints patriots at chargers jets at broncos seahawks at browns eagles at oilers chiefs at steelers giants at lions redskins at raiders 49ers at bears packers at falcons cowboys at vikings raiders at cardinals WEEK 7 rams at bills broncos at colts raiders at dolphins 49ers at patriots browns at jets bengals at chargers oilers at seahawks browns at cardinals chiefs at giants saints at packers falcons at eagles vikings at redskins WEEK 8 cowboys at broncos colts at 49ers dolphins at rams patriots at redskins jets at chiefs falcons at browns saints at bengals buccaneers at oilers cardinals at steelers giants at seahawks vikings at raiders chargers at eagles bears at chargers WEEK 9 49ers at bills chiefs at colts broncos at dolphins rams at patriots falcons at jets colts at eagles bengals at bears oilers at saints steelers at buccaneers packers at giants raiders at cowboys lions at chargers cardinals at seahawks broncos at redskins WEEK 10 bills at chargers colts at vikings dolphins at 49ers patriots at giants jets at raiders saints at browns falcons at bengals cardinals at oilers bears at steelers eagles at broncos buccaneers at chiefs lions at rams seahawks at cowboys redskins at buccaneers WEEK 11 vikings at bills chargers at colts seahawks at dolphins buccaneers at patriots jets at saints browns at bears bengals at cardinals raiders at lions cowboys at rams broncos at packers chiefs at eagles giants at falcons 49ers at steelers WEEK 12 bills at seahawks colts at cowboys dolphins at vikings patriots at eagles jets at redskins rams at browns lions at bengals giants at saints packers at steelers buccaneers at broncos chiefs at cardinals falcons at bears bears at raiders chargers at giants WEEK 13 cowboys at bills steelers at colts eagles at dolphins packers at seahawks vikings at jets browns at lions bengals at rams oilers at 49ers broncos at falcons chiefs at bears giants at vikings raiders at buccaneers redskins at saints WEEK 14 bills at redskins colts at cardinals dolphins at cowboys patriots at bears jets at giants 49ers at browns packers at bengals lions at oilers vikings at steelers saints at broncos lions at chiefs rams at raiders chargers at buccaneers WEEK 15 cardinals at bills redskins at colts giants at dolphins cowboys at patriots eagles at jets browns at packers bengals at 49ers oilers at vikings steelers at lions broncos at bears chiefs at packers chargers at saints rams at buccaneers WEEK 16 bills at giants bears at seahawks dolphins at cardinals patriots at lions cowboys at jets buccaneers at browns seahawks at eagles rams at oilers vikings at chargers bengals at redskins 49ers at chiefs raiders at packers steelers at falcons WEEK 17 eagles at bills giants at colts redskins at dolphins cardinals at jets browns at vikings bengals at buccaneers oilers at packers steelers at saints broncos at lions cowboys at chiefs bears at rams patriots at raiders falcons at seahawks
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This file was previously buried in my update thread, thus I wanted to put it out to everyone to download. This is a 1996 version of Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball that I edited using the KGB editor. I completed and released this rom on 7-20-14. Rosters reflect the teams the players played most for and not the season ending rosters...I call this more of a What If Sports roster format. Download and enjoy!
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