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  1. 'Afternoon All, I'm just looking for opinions/suggestions/recommendations regarding Tecmo Rose Bowl and the other Tecmo NCAAF games out there...which is the best and why? I'm about to comb through a bunch of 'em and perhaps do a traditional MvG Challenge v. one of them during the actual college football season. The only one that I've ever played at any length is Tecmo Rose Bowl 2002 (maybe the first NCAAF Tecmo game ever made/hacked? It's the first/only one I remember seeing). I'm not a fan of the fonts, but it plays pretty well. I'm interested to see what you guys have to say about these. Thank you in advance. Trevor
  2. I'm pretty sure you can throw long bombs in the SNES version though. Everything in TBT is a WR comeback route. I played 2 full seasons of this in January 2019 (with Detroit and Buffalo)...I intended to do a season with all 28 teams, but the fact that you could only be on the ranking list once kind of turned me off, and I turned soft on it. There are a lot of cumbersome little nuances about this game that make it much less enjoyable than its predecessors.
  3. Week 5 boxes and screens are up! About half of the vids have been uploaded as well, actively working on it. If you have any comments, fire away!
  4. Week 4 Boxscores, standings, and leaders updated....videos in the process of being uploaded. First post will be updated shortly as well
  5. Hey all...week 3 boxes and screens have been posted. I'm in the process of uploading all of the vids onto YouTube enjoy!...Leave comments and SUSCRIBE!!!1
  6. Just another update...all game scores and links to the actual game vids on YouTube are now available in the original post! I will continue to update these every week...at the very least, check out the close ones! Enjoy, gentlemen!
  7. Week 2 screens and vids are up! Probably tomorrow, I will update the first post to include game scores and direct links to each vid on YouTube so stay tuned! Definitely have had some instant classics thus far in the first 2 weeks....except for LAR handing my ARI team my ass 49-0...oof! lol
  8. All Week 1 vids are up on my YouTube channel in my sig below...Week 2 up tomorrow most likely. Take care all.
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