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  1. Anyone ever win the super bowl in a no-offense challenge? Has taken me many tries and experimentation with several teams, finally did it today!
  2. Just got registered....looking forward to some great competition tomorrow. Had a question about this rule, which seems to be an addition from the Madison rules: "You CANNOT insert a RB into a WR slot. RB stay at RB's and WR/TE stay at WR/TE. Only WR/TE are interchangeable." If you can't have a RB at reciever, AND can't handoff too a WR unless it's a reverse....then EVERY running play that hands off to a fullback/RB2 is completely useless on PHX, DET, WAS, ATL, HOU (maybe other too, can't remember). That's like what, maybe 25% of the run plays? I feel like this would severely limit playbook flexibility. Was this considered when adding this rule?
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