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  1. Well you tell me what you would of did losing your stud RB and QB in bad. Only option there was. SO yeah...LOL was for that Rob
  2. LOL has nothing to do with laughing off a loss, nor is it bad sportsmanship. I clearly was laughing at Ziur. Nos and I go way back, he knows I respect him. Get off that trip Suicide.
  3. Although it would change the whole concept of Tecmo...I really think this would be one of greatest hacks ever. Tecmo is an offensive juggernaut and this would maybe make it a lot more level playing field. Tough to see this possible though. Insane!
  4. Tonight 1030-midnight is good. I will be on. Let me know what time works best.
  5. Playoffs on the line..I win I am in, lose and I am out. A must watch video...
  6. That looks sick. Looks bulky though?
  7. LMFAO this is the controller I have used for the last 7 years. It is the best controller I have ever played with. Juking wise, or ergonomically. Saitek P220!
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