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  1. Yes, I use it. Just remember to put in values for 32 teams, even if you're using the 28 team rom (+ Pro Bowl-teams). Doesn't work with home-and-away-hack, though, as previously stated.
  2. I would recommend this when doing the target ratings: SET(0x175CB, 0x05) - includes TE when target is randomized SET(0x18117, 0x00081018202830384048505860687078) - really makes it a "out of 32"-thing And the pocket sim. There's just four values (0-3) that can be loaded, starting at 0x18103.
  3. Thanks! This is some great stuff! When I got the time I'm going for less/no boost with more sacks - using LOGIC - and fumbles. Hoping for more stuffed and broken plays, but not necessarily more sacks, fumble TDs and runs for losses.
  4. When COM hits, the batter just stays put. I was playing a Giants v. Mets exhibition game.
  5. It is the same color as the light skin color. (...and the dark skin color is the ball shadow.)
  6. I noticed that Luis Tiant's missing his Stamina-bar. Just a heads up.
  7. Got hooked on your Red Sox v. Yankees-teaser. Looking forward to the finished thing!
  8. Set a team to all FF, then started a preseason game as p1. COM blitzed every time. Then went to season mode, played the same team as p2, without the blitzing.
  9. Didn't get all locations earlier, so here's an update: (This is for getting a brown field, still just sorted by shade) SET(0x1a171, 0x18) SET(0x2c0c5, 0x18) SET(0x2c154, 0x18) SET(0x2c422, 0x18) SET(0x1a015, 0x18) SET(0x1a105, 0x18) SET(0x1a10D, 0x18) SET(0x1a305, 0x18) SET(0x1a30D, 0x18) SET(0x1a2f1, 0x18) SET(0x1a2f5, 0x18) SET(0x1a2f9, 0x18) SET(0x1a332, 0x18) SET(0x1a335, 0x18) SET(0x1a0b1, 0x18) SET(0x1a0b5, 0x18) SET(0x1a016, 0x18) SET(0x1acc1, 0x18) SET(0x1acc5, 0x18) SET(0x1acc8, 0x18) SET(0x1acca, 0x18) SET(0x1acd1, 0x18) SET(0x1acd3, 0x18) SET(0x1a187, 0x18) SET(0x1a0a0, 0x18) SET(0x1a0a4, 0x18) SET(0x1a0a8, 0x18) SET(0x1a0ac, 0x18) SET(0x1a0db, 0x18) SET(0x1aa89, 0x18) SET(0x1acda, 0x18) SET(0x1adba, 0x18) SET(0x1a7f0, 0x18) SET(0x1a7f4, 0x18) SET(0x1a7f8, 0x18) SET(0x1a7fc, 0x18) SET(0x1a95d, 0x18) SET(0x1a967, 0x18) ...these are a darker shade on OG-ROM, but this works better with brown field: SET(0x1a017, 0x38) SET(0x1acc3, 0x38) SET(0x1acca, 0x38) SET(0x1accc, 0x38) SET(0x1accf, 0x38) also... UNDER PRESSURE PASS (same colors as when punting) SET(0x1a1c1, 0x27) SET(0x1a1c2, 0x37)
  10. Doesn't work with play-as-p2-when-away-hacks. COM OG-playcalls when p1. Just something worth noting.
  11. This. It would make for more strategy, I think. Trying to establish the run, or set up the run by passing a lot. Btw, no conflict with the COM-pass-to-open-receiver-hack.
  12. The issue with the OG bracket is that with the 'play as P2 when away during season mode'-hack every game except the Conference Finals and the Super Bowl are wrong, 'home and away'-wise, that is. Wrong matchups after Wildcard games as well.
  13. Since there is currently talk about playoff hacking, and since most of the links about it in the hacking documentary thread are broken, I'm going to bring up the issue with the bracket on the 28 team ROM. With the 'play as P2 when away during season mode'-hack, a bracket looking like this would be as accurate as possible: AFC NFC 6th__ __6th |__ __| 3rd__| |__ __| |__3rd 2nd__| | | |__2nd |____| 1st__ | | __1st 4th__ |__| |__| __4th |__| |__| 5th__| |__5th I'll see what I can do about it. Just thought I would try the 'has it been done already?'-approach first.
  14. I there a similar fix for the 28-team ROM for how a team substitute for injuries? (Now it's like the team is in their default formation setup.)
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