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  1. I coulda swore it was Reid, but then again I was out of my damn mind with terror as I ran it back down the field. Love and Basketball!
  2. I want in on this action! I'd come through to watch the main event alone! Bash at the Beach! Maybe I can ride in whatever the Turtle Van might be?
  3. Seemed pretty close to me! I was a James L. Brooks called first down run away from being in a position to win, and Manyo is a better player than me for sure. Fulcher certainly took away some of Barry's prowess, but Cinci's offense wasn't blowing me away by any stretch of the imagination. I'd say the deciding factors were Manyo's iron-nerves on 4th downs in the second half, his generally more efficient play calling, and of course some help from The Gods. As was true of all my games on Sunday, this match-up was hella fun. A side note: Manyo did a legit Ickey Shuffle after scoring that last TD. It was gorgeous.
  4. Just for the record: I beat Randy with the Falc. And BoogieWithStu beat me twice.
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