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  1. Anyone made a post-draft rom? I try to update my rom using TSBToolSupreme but didn't work...
  2. I'm 29, Zelda is my favorite franchise, but i started with "A link to the past", here in Brazil was difficulty to found a Zelda cartridge in early 90's.
  3. Anyone here play the original Zelda for NES? It is amazing to think that it is a 1987 game, so large and complex , I started playing today and was surprised so good that it is.
  4. Anyone could upload again, pretty please?? Really want to play this games...
  5. Anyone did a post-draft rom? I'm not complaining, just asking !
  6. This one: http://tecmobowl.org/files/file/383-tecmobowlorg-presents-tecmo-super-bowl-2015/
  7. That's what i've tried: Step1: Step2: Step3: Step4: Step5: Is that correct?
  8. Not work for me Maybe i've done something wrong but still not working =/
  9. if necessary, rom+translhextion ----> https://www.sendspace.com/file/nb0s5o
  10. Don't work for me =/ I'm editing to play updated but still NFC WEST screwed rosters, can anyone give me a little help? if necessary, rom+translhextion ----> https://www.sendspace.com/file/nb0s5o
  11. Hello guys, i'm editing my TSB 2015, some injuries, trades so when i finished and try to start the game the Arizona Cardinals look like this: this is how Cardinals are on my TSB supreme: anyone know how to fix it without lose my work?
  12. Sugestion for Jets roster: Mike Goodson #23 is suspended for the first 4 games, but after that probably Jets cut Alex Green to replace him on the 53'roster. I think it's better put Goodson on the spot of Alex Green. Quinton Coples #98 is injuried but problay get back after a few weeks, he is the best pass-rusher of the roster and needs to be on the defense, replace Garrett McIntyre as LB. He'll play an hybrid of OLB and DE, but in the game put him as OLB.
  13. Superb work ! Congrats, excellent work. Please don't change the gameplay, is the best available ! Anyway, the best hack so far for 2014 ! Thank you for keep the game alive !
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