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  1. Your Tecmo Super Bowl III makes my head pop with joy. I'd like all 32 teams, but hey, hope you get that in, soon. That, and roster updates, but those are just requests, NOT criticisms. I love this version you made. Thank you for making the Browns with brown jerseys with orange helmets/pants. FINALLY, somebody gets it right! Woot!
  2. Old, old subject, but I was wondering if any progress is made, and if not, does anybody want to give it another try? Two point conversions would be sweet.
  3. Woot. I'm trying to figure it out, but not really getting the hang of it. Thanks for your offer of help. I pm'd you.
  4. Showing off how amateurish I am with computers, I just wanted to say thanks again, Knobbe, for suggesting the filters. I'm back and forth about using it for Tecmo Bowl, but it's AWESOME for the updated versions of RBI Baseball and NHL '94. Regarding the NHL '94, just like this site is devoted to updating Tecmo Bowl, there's a site that's equally devoted to updating "NHL '94 teams," uniforms, rosters, stats, etc. Links... (The first one is for regular 5 on 5 hockey. The second one is for 2 on 2 open ice fun.) The downloads are about halfway down the page... http://pixelpuck.com/?p=2901 http://pixelpuck.com/?p=2928 I use the "GENS" emulator as the way to play it. Woot, hockey. Glad the season's coming up. Go, Coyotes! (Ahhhh-ooooooooo!!!)
  5. Hahaha... That smoothing tool is wild. It's so weird. I can't tell if I like it regular, (choppy and blocky,) or smoothed, (like comic book drawings.) I think I might just change it back and forth, depending on my mood. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Thanks, Knobbe. That editor is working well, but lacks a uniform editor for the SNES. Was hoping somebody would know of where to do a uniform editor for the SNES version qbviking made. (qbviking must be partying, still. I asked how he did his uniform edits for it, and haven't heard back.) All in all, though, that editor works great. Next year, if I can get hold of a uniform edit for the SNES TB, I'll try to put out a version of my own. Woot, TB.
  7. Hey, Knobbe. I use 7-zip, too, but I'm running into this problem... Do you know what this is and can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks. To put it plainly, I'd like to be able to contribute my own variations on the yearly Tecmo Bowls, (NES and SNES,) but I need a little help with knowing where to go and how to manipulate player names, attributes, and uniform colors/schemes. Anything you can help with, (like maybe, someday, starting a "How to create a ROM for Dummies" thread,) would be ultimo. In other words, I've got great ideas and uniform design ideas, willing to put in the work, myself, but just don't know how to get to the place to start manipulating the ROM. Thanks, much!
  8. qbvikings... I know you're getting in some good partying time, now, but could you steer me in the direction of the editor you used to make the SNES version? (especially uniform edits?) Thank you, much!
  9. Apparently, getting work done in a Tijuana prison isn't as easy as people think.
  10. I like Big Al's SNES editor for qbviking 2013-14 TB, but I was wondering something, and haven't found it posted, anywhere. Where do I find an editor that allows me to edit the team uniform colors for the SNES version? Thank you much.
  11. WOOT! Not only did you adjust the Browns jerseys to brown, but as a bonus, you changed out the peach orange for a more true to life burnt orange for their helmet and pants. Huzzah! No rush... No rush... Please believe me, when I say, "No rush," but when you can get to it, adjust their line backer positions? (See my post, above.) Thank you for this game. Good times. Three more suggestions: 1) For your pride sake, you should make a box art and put an NFL player of your choice on the cover. 2) Have you thought about doing this kind of update for another sport? I'd like to see you take a swing at baseball, with all of today's teams. 3) Could you upload the most updated version you make to Vizzed.com?
  12. Runs really smooth. I could be imagining this, but it seems faster and has less graphics flickering than the others, so far. As far as I can tell, everything is perfectly up to date. You already have the Browns kicker as Billy Cundiff, who was signed only a few days ago. (Well done.) Tasty tasty, Mr. QBVikings! Playing it, right now, and it's fun to see different game creators ideas about stats and jersey colors. Speaking of jersey colors, as a Browns fan, it'd be nice to get the Browns with an orange helmet, BROWN jersey, and orange pants, instead of the white jersey. The only team it would conflict with is the Bengals, so making it white for that instance would be fine. Just a request, but I do hope to see it. P.S. The Browns linebackers need just a small adjustment. They're all there, but just in the wrong positions. According to the actual Browns depth chart, it should be... ROLB = Sheard, Jabaal RILB = Jackson, D'Qwell LILB = Robertson, Craig LOLB = Kruger, Paul
  13. hahaha... Oh, man. Finally, I got around to downloading this game. It is such a trip. Flutie's teamed up with Herschel Walker, on the New Jersey Generals.... Awesome. Wow, the Arizona Wranglers. That is so old skool, for me. Good game, Denny and jstout, wherever you are.
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