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  1. RT @Choplogik: these kids today are so coddled & soft. When WE were young we never discussed our “feelings" and WE turned out weirdly manip…

  2. RT @kenklippenstein: I wonder why we can’t fund social programs https://t.co/qX3NB1cgDi

  3. RT @BoogTweets: Wife: You’re going to be a great Dad one day Me: And you’ll make a great Mom one day too Son: *From the basement* WHEN

  4. @punished_picnic golden showers: also not golden

  5. @ohpegah jesus christ I've been on this hellsite for 58,400 shreks

  6. RT @Foone: even when you've got a tank, it's always good to get the extra defensive bonus from a bard. https://t.co/kTjkfOgD2x

  7. @EthanRedd FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE https://t.co/f4YLHOvAMS

  8. @veronicaj119 what in the world is wrong with people

  9. RT @Lil_ol_kat: Why is it the ones that love you the most & vice versa are the ones who hurt you the most ... but they think it’s ok? It’s…

  10. @indie_grunge @butt_sword Hey, I’m 43 and I understand Spongebob references. No excuse for this guy!

  11. @MrTylerCrook I don't have a secret horny Twitter account. To be sure, I'm still super horny - I just can't imagine… https://t.co/zIIJBMTZLd

  12. @laura_hudson Patriot, like @CaseyNewton said - and also the Americans, if you haven't seen it yet.

  13. RT @CrazyChokoholic: New logo for Twitter. https://t.co/MJo3kSLWIk

  14. @GreeGreeHoist The chicken strips are rad

  15. @dearjhonletter trustifarianism