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  1. I'd kill to see my Falcons win 2 titles in my lifetime...
  2. I say go for it man, there's only one way to learn and that's by doing it. I came in without any experience doing this kind of stuff, but there's a ton of tools for rosters and renaming and what not - I've made a few roms for myself personally that I enjoy - I would say, until you really learn everything take a lot of notes, because you forget things quick if you don't do it a lot. There were plenty of times where I got something to work, and then tried to come back to it later and was like "how did I do that again?". Just jump on the hacking documentation page and pretty much anything you want to do has been done already, and all the guys on here are great about helping you through if you have questions. It's going to take time to learn how to do all that stuff, especially if you don't have much computer experience, but I'm sure that there's more than a handful of guys on here that started from you're at and have just gotten good with practice. As far as your schedule/playoff system goes, just make sure you make it clear to everyone how it is going to work. We did something kind of similar to this when we did an Arena League fantasy league - I made an updated AFL game (I even put in walls, it was pretty sweet), except we played all the games ourselves so you had to earn your draft choice
  3. Those sound like some very quality ideas... I will give them a try, definitely the kick speed will be my first order of business. I'd like to get it to at least 50/50 so it's actually worth being ahead going into the fourth quarter. Thanks
  4. Just wondering if anyone know if there is a way to change the point in the game where the computer will start kicking onside? Reason I ask is because I've been playing with a 7 on 7 rom and the computer recovers, I would say, 85-90% of their onside kicks.. I played a game today where I was leading 49-19 going into the 4th quarter and didn't see the ball again until about 20 seconds left in the game and ended up losing 53-49... I've played around with the fumble/onside recovery time as well as lowering the kickers ability to 06, and it doesn't seem to do much, just want to make it so they won't start kicking them until there is maybe 1 minute left or so...
  5. The Arena football 2010 rom is 7 on 7. You just would have to dig around a bit to find it. That might be a good place to start.
  6. This is a really cool idea Raja! If you need more owners next season... hint, hint
  7. Take the Giants... select Lawrence Taylor... destroy everything! In all seriousness though, you just gotta practice and figure out what your most comfortable position is and how you like to attack. In most cases I use the bottom inside linebacker and blitz every play... If it's a run, I hopefully can get the rb on the way to the qb. I rarely (if ever) pick run plays because I'm much more confident in my ability to stop the run than I am to stop the pass if I guess wrong. Other than that, just play around with different positions and see which one you are most effective at playing, figure out what which plays you know you can stop, and never call those (such as a run around the end, if you know you can beat the rb to the spot and get him down before a lineman clears you out, then you no longer have to worry about calling that play). Also, as you play more, you'll get better at reading the computers formations, and have a better idea of which play they called.
  8. First off, I wanna say kudos to all you dudes who make sure a game released 20 plus years ago is a million times more awesome than anything released in the last 5! I always like coming on here and seeing what guys are working on, so many cool ideas, so I thought I would share some of mine... A couple of weeks ago, my brothers and I got together for an Arena Football Fantasy draft (talk about football withdrawal after the NFL season) and we used a Rom that jstout, elway, and cxrom put together (Arena Football 2010) to set up a tournament to determine draft order. I don't think I've had more fun playing a football game in my entire life, you guys did a smashing job on that rom! Afterwards, I got started on updating teams, rosters, logos, ect... but as the new Arena season has started, I keep seeing little touches that I would like to add to the game. Some things that I have been working on, and would like to add someday, include: Adding dasher boards to the sidelines - I've gotten as far as restricting the movement so players can still step out of bounds, but go no further than the sideline, I hope to be able to at the very least change the green sideline to a black board - it would be really awesome if guys would bounce off if they hit it hard enough, but I gotta be realistic on that one Changing up the look of the Field goal posts - this one should be mainly graphical, and probably will just be an "on the field look", but I definitely want to make kicking a lot tougher to mirror the real life game (I may just speed up the arrow) This idea I think may be impossible, but I've seen guys do some ridiculous things with these roms, so who knows? It would be cool to be able to play kicks off the net (I don't know if kicking can be extended that far, and if you can even get the ball to come back that way, I wonder if it could be treated like a fumble? and could only happen on a maxed out kick). I would also like to get my hands on a 2 pt conversion hack to add in, but not sure how difficult that is to do either... Here's a few looks at some of the graphical changes, and after seeing the games this week, I noticed that a ton of teams who wore black helmets last year (thus the change to a white background on the team screens was a must) are wearing different colors this year, so I have a bit of re calibrating to do.
  9. How do I apply this bad boy to another rom? Nice work, all seems to work perfect!!!
  10. Geez, is there anything about tsb you dudes don't know? That's AWESOME!
  11. I just got done working on this screen so i think i kind of have it figured out. Basically when you open your ppu viewer (or nesticle is great for this), it is loaded with all those symbols that you can use to piece together whatever letter you need (just write down their tile values to enter into hex) . As far as i can tell, letters are paired together (at least the NFL, which is all most are going to want to change anyhow). So you have NF, and L space and they are listed as knobbe said with pallete first and then the letters. 8C 99 is the top of the N, C0 C1 is the top of the F, 8E 9B is the bottom of the N, and CA A4 is the bottom of the F, my best guess is that the 5D's are the underline and 00's are blanks at the bottom (where his CDEF shows). So for example, if you wanted a CFL to show in place of the NFL just type 90 A5 over the 8C 99 and 92 A7 over the 8E 9B in hex, and you should have it.
  12. Raja, Thanks for the time man. I'm not real good at this yet so i'm probably just going to have to leave it with some blank spots in the team ranking screen. I just dropped the 4 i did for that reason, i didn't want to have to try and realign everything. This is my first rom i am working on so I'm going around things as easy as I can I'm to the point where i have all my large and mini helmets done, so I don't want to have to do a bunch of them over. I got the teams off the schedule, so the only thing is I have 4 blank spots show up on my rankings screen, but it's really not a big deal, mainly cosmetic. If i do another smaller rom, i'll def have to cut the right teams, i thought that may be the case when you were talking about your rom. definitely appreciate the help, I'm trying to learn as i go, so any knowledge guys like you give is greatly valued!
  13. I figured out the scheduling, but not the rankings. I have teams that show up as all 0's, which isn't a big deal, but as far as "for looks" go, it would be nice to get them off there...
  14. Very cool! The biggest questions I have (for now... ) are how to change the number of games on the schedule, and how to get your "hidden" teams to not show up on the team rankings screen. Right now that is what has me baffled... I dropped the Jets, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Buccaneers... is that going to be my problem ?
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