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  1. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    The thoughtful, considerate, but utterly lazy decisions are what make this league the best ever. All hail HSTL.
  2. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    IND combo Taylor / Ivy Joe ... to avoid Waters
  3. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    HOU DL + shit kicker
  4. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    NO combo Swilling and friend
  5. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    SF combo Griffin / Sydney
  6. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    NYJ combo Byrd and WR friend
  7. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    NO combo Massey / Mayes
  8. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    NYG combo Ingram / Banks
  9. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    BUF combo Reed / Conlan
  10. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Well shit. Give me Warren Moon I guess...
  11. GameHigh

    HSTL S46 Round 0

    Earliest... I think that puts me at #5.
  12. Thanks @tecmobo! Fair review of the Chargers roster IMO. I definitely debated the CHI vs DET RBs tandems before making that pick. I figured it was a matter of having 3 starters (+Muster) vs 2 with Detroit. Plus, I'd rolled with Barry for a few seasons before and was looking to change things up. I was also weary of another back-and-B season after having QB Bills slinging it around last season. With all the WRs running around this division, I figured I would draft the fastest secondary available with the RAI. Wasn't going to stop the JJ's or CC's anyway, but at least we won't get blown off the line of scrimmage. As for Elway... let's just say I see a lot of scrambling this year. Finally, since when did this division get so brutal? I feel like the last two seasons were a blood bath. The AFC West used be a low-key fun, slacker division. Now everyone just beats up on each other and sabotages wild-card playoff chances (not speaking for myself of course). Welcome back @rmm1976!
  13. GameHigh

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Everyone has WRs before me, so I'll go with the SEA WRs
  14. GameHigh

    HSTL S45 Draft

    NE LBs
  15. GameHigh

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Chicago Bears OL