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  1. Discord really put an end to sigs...
  2. Everyone ahead of me has LB/DBs, so I'll go with the MIA / NO def combo.
  3. Prime already has his QB + RECs, so... Give me Jeff and Jack and those scrub SF WRs. Plenty of time to pick up a defense in the later rounds.
  4. CIN D combo McClendon / White / Billups
  5. @drake Those were supposed to be my chumps! I'll see your 25ka kicker and raise you one Al Del Greco. Give me the PHX backups with Roy Green and hidden stats Sikahema.
  6. RAI D combo Townsend / Ellison / Harden
  7. NE QB2 combo Wilson / Cook / Sievers
  8. DET combo Ball / Cofer / White
  9. Will be traveling for work in Europe for a couple weeks. Depending on the hotel wifi, and if my opponents can host, I can try to get some games in. This week I'll be +5 hours ahead of EST and +7 hours ahead the following week.
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