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  1. RT @talkhoops: Through four games: Russ net rating on the court: -13.3 Russ net rating off the court: +12.8 Ricky net rating on court: +…

  2. RT @michaelgrange: This aside by @andrewsharp on NBA stars' texting habits is pretty funny: https://t.co/OgnluqSJSa

  3. RT @andrewsharp: Nothing says PLAYOFF BASKETBALL like going out of your way to break the other team’s $10,000 carbon fiber mask.

  4. @benburke @PardonMyTake Oooooooh baaaaby

  5. RT @mosebergmann: Rajon Rondo vs. Playoff Rondo https://t.co/4kRRVA7Wz9

  6. @nicjbae I want this played at my funeral

  7. RT @CiaraTobin: men honestly are something else https://t.co/y0k9HpqNUn

  8. RT @ringer: In honor of tonight's premiere of the #AndreTheGiant doc on HBO, we're partnering with our friends at @rootsoffight to give awa…

  9. RT @PFTCommenter: deploy weapon’s grade meme https://t.co/yeTwb0pm1W

  10. RT @World_Wide_Wob: When the first slow song came on at the middle school dance and everyone scrambled to find someone to partner up with t…

  11. @BillSimmons @ringer @tatefrazier @clubtrillion if your taking request...Friend of the Program tee?

  12. RT @brianbeutler: Another “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” memo is in order! https://t.co/yaGp6tVj5z

  13. @benburke @nancyjosales Haha....so true!

  14. RT @SheaSerrano: real ones celebrate when the ball is still in the air https://t.co/p5vL00LP9U

  15. RT @PardonMyTake: #FootballGuy https://t.co/riqJWi32O0

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