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  1. Thanks for the reply. I was a little bit unsure about which version this tool applied to. I checked; and, the file is not "read-only." So, that's not an issue. Changing the quarter length did work. Sadly, none of the other hacks that I've tried to do with this tool -- and, I've tried several -- has worked at all. Still, I'll wait to see if you come out with an updated version. Thanks for the effort!
  2. Thanks. I hope you can figure it out. Let me be clear, though. It's NOT just the Kickoff position. NOTHING works on this tool for me. I've tried making changes to Tecmo Bowl and TSB on NES. I've even run the games on different emulators to see if it's merely an emulator issue. Maybe, I have a corrupted file. I'll have to take a look at that. Anyways, . . . I hope that you can get this tool to work. It seems really cool and useful.
  3. I've tried overwriting to both NES and SNES (.smc) files of TSB. I cannot get this tool to work. For example, no matter how many times I change the Kickoff to the 50-yard line and "WRITE ROM," the change does not stick. It still kicks off from the 35. Other people here seem to have been having success with this tool, so that I'd be grateful to know what they're doing right . . . and, what I (apparently) am doing wrong. Thanks!
  4. Not that I could tell. The only way I can think of to do that would be to assign a points-value (i.e., 1 pt.) to any Touchback. I know that that's not exactly as per the Canadian rules -- but, it's as close as I think one could get. Please, don't ask me how to do that. I'm only at the VERY beginning of learning how to find things in a Hex Editor.
  5. I've been noodling around with the graphics on TSB for Sega using Fatilety. You'll notice, I've given the Pitch a more "old-school," classic feel. Also, it looks as if it's actually been played on. I changed the Chain Crew. I've also modified the ball, so that it accords with the much rounder football used until (I believe) the 1950's in the NFL. If I could, I'd have rather wanted to place the Goal Posts on the Goal Line as per their (logical) placement in the NFL until the 1970's. Alas, I couldn't find a way. I was, however, able to change them to the traditional, H-style posts . . . or, at least, came close to making it appear to be so. There are some glitches in the alignment of the Yard Lines (e.g., at the 50- and 35-yard lines) based on that fact that they placed the NFL and Tecmo logo's on the field, both of which I removed. I don't think either is too noticeable. I think, I might try my hand at the SNES version and do the same. Though, I must admit: I like TSB Sega better.
  6. Maybe, I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get it to work with changing the Kickoff position. I'm assuming that this tool is designed only for NES. So, that's what I've been experimenting with. After I enter a value into the Kickoff Position box and click "O.K.," another box opens saying that Touchback has to be turned on. I click "O.K." for that. Since I'm assuming that "WRITE ROM" is the way to save changes, I click on it and select an .nes copy of TSB and select "O.K." A box tells me that the rom has been written. But, . . . when I open an emulator (viz., Nessie) to check any changes, there's nothing changed. The Kickoff position is still placed at the 35-yard line. Am I missing something?
  7. I prefer TSB for Sega Genesis, since that's what I cut my teeth on. (And, now having been able to experience the NES and SNES versions, I still like its graphics and gameplay better.) Still, it appears that most people here are only interested in the NES -- which is fine; although, it puzzles me when even the SNES seems to be superior. So, I was hoping that by asking I might find somebody who perhaps has already been poking around the Genesis version and could answer my question.
  8. Does anyone know the hex location for the Kickoff position for TSB Sega? Also, what the values might be (i.e., what to put in for each yard line)? I am a "noob." Please, be gentle.
  9. Okay . . . I installed Java. Now, I'm perplexed. When I tried to change the kickoff position (for example), it told me that I had to activate Touchback first, so as to negate getting a Safety. So, I went and did that; and, then, I tried to change the Kickoff position again. . . but, the same message re-appeared. So, I couldn't get it to change the Kickoff.
  10. Fantastic! Thanks! However, I don't see anywhere -- maybe, I'm missing it -- that it specifies where the ball is spotted for scrimmage. In other words, where would one go to either widen or narrow to hash marks?
  11. I should have added, that I used Notepad to open it. Some of the hacks are exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I'm still just learning . . . and, this information is beyond me right now.
  12. Okay -- I was finally able to figure out how to open a file with the .java extension. However, as a "noob," I can't make head's or tail's of it. What am I supposed to do? I wish someone could convert this information into a tool that would be usable for people such as myself.
  13. This sounds like a great tool . . . but, how do I use it? I don't have Java installed on my computer; nor, do I intend to due to its security issues.
  14. Thanks. I was able to eventually find STUE by poking around the site. It's a great tool. Is there a version for NES? Thanks again!
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