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  1. Results for the player database??
  2. Yes I have a question. I sent you a PM on Fri March 3rd regarding current and old Tecmo Madison business. Am I ever going to get a response?
  3. kramz8477

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    The points system indicates 12pts for those who finish in 4th place. But when I finish 4th its only worth 8pts. How does that work??? The points system is as follows: 1st 25 2nd 18 3rd 15 4th 12 5th 10 6th 8 7th 6 8th 4 9th 2 10th 1
  4. kramz8477

    Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    With lots of questions floating around about how to actually get your results onto the tecmomadison website, or if a tournament of this size would be posted I wanted too let you all in on the 100% accurate formula for getting your results into the tournament database. If Kramer defeats any member at all of top tier competition = Zero results will be posted. Some recent juicy examples: Tomczak Bowl VIII, Tomczak Bowl IX, Millards Mayhem II, or even this event just last year just to name a few. If Kramer plays below average and defeats no top tier competition today = Congratulations your results will be posted quickly and accurately! This formula has been in place since defeating (edisaurex) during only my second tournament ever in April 2013 and it has been COMPLETELY BULLETPROOF since. So if I can muster the juice for another victory over Kyle Nelson (Thegamer1185) as I did in Tomczak IX then sorry guys it is guaranteed this tourney will be deemed not legit and the results will be known only by those who were there to see them.
  5. Be sure to check the gameplay on the flat screens, it becomes delayed alot of the time with several models. This is why you do not see flat screens used at madison.
  6. kramz8477

    Minnesota Tecmo Meetup 4/21 - mini tourney

    I want in! Can I get signed up for the 12th spot?? (mighty bombjack)