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    I'm from Kansas City Mo. I am looking forward to seeing how I stack up against quality TSB players. I love the Chiefs and I'm a Huge TSB fan. Favorite TSB team is probably the Cardinals.

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  1. This defiantly fixed the NFC West rosters, thanks for the pointers. Now however when I start the game, in Man vs Man or Man vs Com, the game glitches out just after the coin toss. Is it possible I jacked something up in the translhextion or could this be a different issue entirely? Thanks for taking the time to help, man. I really appreciate it.
  2. Is there a way, or a link to a page that tells me how, to change the Divisions around in the game? As I understand it there isn't enough space or something in the NFC west so the rosters always glitch out when I change them. Thanks in advance and Great Rom. Love the hard work you guys put into this!
  3. Coach Atwell (TB) over adversity (SD) 10-7 Good defensive game http://www.tecmoplayers.com/?page_id=72&game=65501
  4. Adversity - I will be available most of the day Sunday for our match up. Let me know what time works for you. [email protected] [email protected]
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