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  1. Winston wins a Super Bowl with New England
  2. Can’t wait for Tecmo 2021!
  3. @ricor33 worse than your last recap. You didn’t even talk about your amazing tap skills this game . Lol
  4. Group F SammieSmith33 vs. Darth Rockman 1st Quarter Action: I received the kick and just did Butts, Butts, Butts, all the way down field for a 7-0 lead. Then Darth got the ball and Jerri Curl Anderson'd me for a while which led to a fg. 2nd Quarter Action: Wayne "I'm Always in Excellent" Haddix picked off Blow Job Tolliver which led to TB stalling in the redzone on a 4 and out. More Butts, Butts, Butts led to a blocked kick by Excellent Haddix. Halftime: The Cowboys Cheerleader winked at me so I knew it was destiny to get a little boner. 3rd Quarter Action: TB gets ball and Jerri Curl Anderson got the ball wet and ended up fumbling which led to more Butts, Butts, Butts for a TD. 14-3. TB gets ball again and goes for it on 4th and 10 and Venice Glenn stopped a 4th down pass which led to a Darryl "Dynomite" Walker TD (21-3) 4th Quarter Action: Mark "Air Craft" Carrier ends up going ballistic scoring two TD's which led to a final of (21-17) It was fun playing Darth. This was only my second time playing him. He kicked the shit out of me at Hardcore in Chicago when I was the Redskins and he was the Lions. There was much shame on my part. He is a great player and funny as hell. GG Side Note: Leslie O'Neal played like Delta Oneal. Like a Bitch. He has the video.
  5. @SimpleSimon so your saying I get Marino and Crash Jensen. Let’s go! Beef Juice what if Sammie Smith scores three touchdowns? Are you going to have lines of cocaine?
  6. @Beef Juice what if you dress like Jim Jensen for the tourney. What does that get you? If anyone has some chest hair I can buy let me know.
  7. I want all three of those. First matchup @SimpleSimon Dolphins vs. Bears. Let’s Go!
  8. Rodney Pizza King is my new best friend. Lol. What a great handle.
  9. SammieSmith33 aka Kris after 8pm CST Yes Going to Chicago March 27-30
  10. We will also have NHL 95 set up as well so if you like hockey you can a little taste of that action too.
  11. Is everybody still good for Saturday? Snow is suppose to stop at noon on Saturday. I am just checking. @QB Browns @segathonsov @Nostradamus @8-bit @lakitu aka Tony @Little Leo Lewis
  12. I officially got the room from 12-3 on Sat. They redesigned it but they are happy to have us. I will bring 3 systems and 3 tv’s that should be plenty of Tecmo for 3 hours. the new owner is super happy about and how much money we have brought and how we have tipped and treated the waitresses so I think we have for Millard’s Mayhem 5 too
  13. Lol! We will go out after on Friday @Beef Juice and find an Uber guy who Lika Da Juice.
  14. Alright. Looks like we are going to have a good number. I will book the Tin Shed for that Saturday for 12:00.
  15. @Little Leo Lewis , @QB Browns can catch you up very quickly. “He is an expert in guerilla warfare.” “He eats things that would make a billy goat puke.”
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