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  1. Fellas, totally blew last last night with raffle giveaway. I was busy at a nature raptor center, then dinner with family. It became a late night. With Thursday’s group revealing I will have the raffle prize as well. Once again forgive me for the mistake. see you all soon!!!
  2. Millard’s Mayhem IV: Teen Wolfley Too is 15 days away. There is only one 15 I can think of in Tecmo Super Bowl ands that is Jeff Hostetler. What a legend.
  3. I’ll give official confirmation on Tuesday this up coming week about Friday. All the brothers will be there too.
  4. Great we can play for a beer. We had a good one going in Iowa until we had to stop.
  5. Groups will be revealed next Thursday, July 25, at 9:00 pm CST. If you are thinking about coming and haven’t signed up yet let me know. Also is there an interest for those who would possibly want to play some Tecmo and Retro games Friday night for a couple hours at the Tin Shed? I was thinking 8-10. I will check in on that if we have enough interest. If not we will just roll with Saturday at 11:00 for the tourney.
  6. Thanks to Johnathan aka (MadTown SpliffStars) We are officially at 30 contestants. We will have another raffle drawing for a prize on Sunday, July 21 at 9:00 pm CST. Thanks again for everyone signing up and look forward to seeing everyone in 3 weeks. Enjoy the weekend. Kris
  7. That’s Awesome!! It will be great to have you up in International Waters of MN.
  8. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b_KbVTFZTEtKTnhvWnhPS058MXJteFBlUW9wa21LTta-ttVKF4b9lX3J3s-tYI1s9ryhUc3sQZsQGkk72bdK congrats to Casual T aka Matt for winning the Irving Fryar Jersey.
  9. Don't forget there will be a drawing today at 9:00 pm CST for those of you who are registered for Millard' Mayhem IV: Teen Wolfley Too. I will have have it on Periscope through my twitter account @Shabanbush and I will also try to stream it on my Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/shabanbush Thanks to all who have signed up so far. Going to be a good one!
  10. I would say you could camp or stay at my place but I am hosting my whole family and a couple friends from IL. This place looks cool and reasonable http://townandcountrycampground.com/
  11. We are 30 days from the Madness of Millard’s: Teen Wolfley Too! There will be a drawing for a prize for those signed up already this Sunday at 9:00 pm CST. I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner but have been busy that is why I am setting up an official time. Hint: Religious Prize
  12. I do have the stream set up and working thanks to @RetroNathan, @allamerican1569, and @trojan1979. I appreciate all the advice. It runs pretty smooth. Can’t wait to see it in action. My address is: www.twitch.tv/shabanbush I will also start posting prizes. They will be secret but you will be able to see the outline.
  13. Hey we are getting close to it being one month away for the tourney. Here is some hotel info: HOTELS near Tin Shed Tavern and Pizza: All of these Hotels are less than 10 minutes away. Tin Shed Tavern and Pizza: Address: 12250 Zinran Ave, Savage, MN 55378 Hotels: Quality Inn: $68 Address: 4601 Highway 13 West, Savage, MN 55378 Phone: (952) 894-6124  American Best Value Inn Burnsville/Minneapolis $72 Address: 1101 Burnsville Pkwy, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: (952) 894-3400 LivInn Hotel Minneapolis/South Burnsville: $78.00 Address: 13080 Aldrich Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: (952) 890-7999 Norwood Inn and Suites $54 Address: 12920 Aldrich Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: (952) 890-1420 
  14. Belt Unveiling: https://www.pscp.tv/w/b9_EiDFZTEtKTnhvWnhPS058MXZPeHdxTnBXYXJHQvkGyblWDJUVFMhTWjJ9V-TlHkA2FUX6OZbUOGoXbr_C
  15. We have 20 people signed up. There will be a raffle prize for the first 20 people. Announcement will be this weekend.
  16. You could have a Top Ten reason to go to Burning Mort but the same answer would appear. “It’s Burning Mort”
  17. Hank, How can you ever come to a Segathon with that type of attitude. Blasphemy.
  18. VikingMoe, Awesome you and your brother are coming. The field is shaping up. To Everyone, I will do a first place belt unveiling in the coming weeks. Prizes this year will be on lock down. I do have plenty this year and they are pretty good. I crack up thinking about some of them. I am also working on doing a Friday practice or get together with some classic games as well. Probably start at 8:00 and go until 10. If it does go through I will give a list of games that will be able to be played. I will also get an updated list sent out by weeks end. Only A couple months away and we are going to be rocking. I am excited. Enjoy the summer, Sammie Smith "Best Running Back in Tecmo Super Bowl" Dan Marino 2nd Best Ron Wolfley
  19. Congratulations to Segathon for winning the Anthony Carter Jersey. Check out the video below. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b2fptTFZTEtKTnhvWnhPS058MWVhS2JPYVBwd3JHWDUVW39TwQdBSWOwgMPmgMYfi0tHWd1UrPk4uu73NOTN?t=2s
  20. I am sure you are busy, but any way I can get Millard's Mayhem IV pinned?  Have a great weekend!


    SammieSmith aka Kris

  21. Anthony Carter jersey will be a live feed on Periscope at 4:00 pm on Sunday. I would do it earlier but going to some NCAA tourney parties this weekend. You can follow the jersey selection show video at: https://www.pscp.tv/Shabanbush/follow
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