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    Sports in general play basketball and football and love watching it as well. Like to game. Mainly, Madden, NBA 2k13, and Tecmo Suepr Bowl.


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    4th Place Millard's Mayhem I, Tecmo Super Bowl March Madness Bracket Winner, Temo Madison XII Rk:50
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  1. SammieSmith33

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    Congrats Peters!!!! We’re are also thinking of doing an Iowa vs. MN border battle one night at the Casino on the Iowa/ MN border
  2. SammieSmith33

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    8-Bit you can caroool but then you have to hang out with Collins (Faster Than A Speeding Beebe) and I and that will mean a great night of action Friday. Collins knows of all of the hot spots in the Appleton/ Green Bay Area. It may lead to poor performance play as well. Believe me I was feeling it the next day. LOL. Friday night 3:00 am partying and then Tecmo = Steve Grogan mixed with Glenn Koslowski mixed with Paul Skansi on the rocks with Anthony Dilweg. RetroNathan does throw a great tourney though and you will not be disappointed. Well worth the trip for some quality Tecmo with a great group of guys.
  3. SammieSmith33

    Phoenix, AZ - 8/11/2018 - Tecmo Phoenix

    Get Ron Wolfley!! Coolest Tecmo player to date along with David Fulcher
  4. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Thanks man it was fun. Great group of guys showed up. I was especially happy with some of the newer guys who came. Curt, Chad, Ben, and James displayed a good showing at the tourney. I saw your National Anthem. Are you sure you don't do it for the Blackhawks? lol
  5. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    The Kramer Brothers Crushed it this tournament. They had an opportunity to play each other in the championship with K-Dog making it to the final match-up beating RetroNathan but Kramer lost to Gats. Then Nostradamus screwed over Kramer by not using his powers and not getting him a golden ticket. Boy the Iowa boys represent hardcore. MN and Iowa need a border battle game. It would be great. Lets set it up for February as a warm-up to Madison. Will Nostradamus ever get over the hump and take out Kramer? 0-3 record against him. Maybe Kramer has the mind blocking tactics to fool Nostradamus. The rivalry continues.
  6. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Here are some videos from the tourney. Also, I am sorry and forgot to mention. It was great having Jon Bailey play in the Millard's Mayhem as well. He came out of retirement and got his groove on. He and I also have similar music taste.
  7. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Thanks to all who came to Millard's Mayhem III: Teen Wolfley. Thanks to Ron Wolfley for signing the Teen Wolfley poster and being a great representation to Tecmo Super Bowl Legacy of Players. Thanks to RetroNathan for helping me setup on Friday and Segathon for bringing some Sega action and extra extension cords. There were also lots of Dionne Warwick moments with exchanging of raffle prizes. It all worked out perfectly or as the Tecmo Gods would have wanted it. There will several games of the tourney that happened as well: Josh (HughMillenation) vs. Joey Gats (Gats): the matchup was epic. Josh held Gats to zero points through regulation in a 0-0 battle to eventually lose in overtime to Gats. Gats missed two field goals in the last 1:30 both within 30 yards. It was crazy. Segathon in group play was the master of overtime as well winning two game in OT. One against Jon (QB Browns) and one against Chad (Frank The Tank). My brother Jock (J-Money) also had a game winning drive in overtime with the Cowboys when Emmitt Smith jumped up at the opponents 30 catching a pass and breaking a group of three defenders including a player defender with super human strength and taking it to the house for not only the win but also winning an authentic Emmitt Smith Jersey based on that play. He also had a Hail Mary against Chad (Frank The Tank) with no time left to beat him in regulation. It was an epic run for my brother who ended up taking 3rd. A new twist the tourney was having golden tickets. If you lost in bracket play, to stay in the double elimination part of the tourney you needed to get a golden ticket. If you received a golden ticket you were put back in the tourney. It made it exciting for everyone and it also made it worth while for everyone to stay to see if they would be back in the tourney. Scib (Nostradomas) went 0-4 in group play but after winning a Karl Malone cup went to the elite 8 on a epic run taking out 8-Bit. I guess he predicted he would down play himself and get everyone buy surprise. Overall I was really satisfied with the tourney and all the excitement. Can't wait to attend future tourneys and also for next years Milliard Mayhem IV! Congrats to Joey Gats for another great run in a tourney. Mad Skills Yo! We found out in this tourney where Hank the Tank gets his super powers, a notebook of secrets. We also found out that Segathon might be the real Teen Wolf as he had to calm himself down in the bathroom so he wouldn't change. Ill post some videos later today.
  8. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Everything is the same as the beginning! We are still at the Tin Shed in Savage, MN at 11:00 am Aug. 4. I am going to set up early on Friday night at 9:00-9:30 so I don't have to do it in the morning. If you want to pay with pay pal my email is [email protected] If not just bring cash on Saturday. I prefer that then it is easier to pay out. It should be a great time and there will be lots of excitement to go around. Segathon is bringing NHL 95, I will also be bringing NBA Jam and a secret game with a contest for you all. So pack it up and get out here so we can make Tecmo memories happen. Contestants: Kris (SammieSmith33) Scott (The Body) Tony (Lakitu) George (Peoples Champ) James (Win Reaper) Joey Gats (Gats) Nate (RetroNathan) Kramer (Dykes) Scib (Nostradomaus) Josh (HughMlleNation) Tom (8-Bit) Kris (K-Dog) Ben (El Guapo) Jock (J-Money) Mike (Barry&Bo) Nick (Segathon) Jon (QBBrowns) Hank (Hank The Tank) Jason (Jashags88) Chad (Frank The Tank) Rob (Faster Than A Speeding Beebe) Curt (Jocu9901) Possible 3 others which would make for a 25 man tourney There will be free raffle prizes and other contests as well. There will also be some cool rules attached to it as well.
  9. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Sorry not sending update out yesterday. Fridge went out and had to find a new one to get delivered by Friday. All good now. Will post update at 1:30 pm. cant wait!!!
  10. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Gats, Your a Cowboys fan from Philadelphia. How is that? Or do you have some affiliation with Texas?
  11. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    Gats: right now it it looks like this. Payouts: 1st: 400 and belt 2nd:100 3rd: 100 I will send out a final email on Wednesday with groups and all that good stuff. Trying to finalize everything today and tomorrow.
  12. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    If you do that on Saturday you should get the Heisman Trophy. Or picture of George doing the Heisman buck naked. LOL
  13. SammieSmith33

    Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley

    We have 24 combatants so far. If you know of anyone else let me know so I can start organizing groups. Also, if you need any info feel free to email me at [email protected]