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  1. Yes, this looks like a secure site to me. Thanks, bank that just sent me a new debit card! https://t.co/IPTQanMgZg

  2. I wrote this. https://t.co/AS3lpe63CN

  3. It's not brunch if you don't even open until noon

  4. RT @mfk: Ice-breaker question I came up with a few years ago that I call the "off-diagonal" question: Tell me about something you love doin…

  5. In Vancouver, they don’t have red signs that say “no left turn.” They have green ones with an arrow pointing straight up.

  6. Might be time to update that image, Air Canada https://t.co/Jz9JykAmX1

  7. RT @melanie_seibert: If you use hyphens to separate your dependent clauses, keep walking. We use em dashes around these parts. https://t.co…

  8. He has a nose for those updates https://t.co/HXqif09ANx

  9. RT @jmpalmieri: Also really glad that I hit number 1 just under the wire before Jim Comey’s book comes out next week and he crushes my drea…

  10. you can learn a lot about someone by the types of pho puns they make

  11. Just because you can be more specific doesn’t mean you should #thatsalattecontent https://t.co/pPGbdmP1Fl

  12. I wrote a poem about our style guide: Serial commas Sentence case Sometimes periods Not a race

  13. https://t.co/8f5Y4XVzMq

  14. Baby boomers ask, "Where are my glasses? Oh, they're on my head." Millennials ask, "Where is my phone? Oh, it's in my pocket."

  15. TIL floss has an expiration date https://t.co/WWfj2dFZ7w