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  1. Yea that games easier than people make it out to be. We speed run Mario 3 on teo tvs also. Have to clear every level, no warps. Takes about two hours but its worth it at the end.
  2. Lol, Im the only person I personally know to beat the game without dying. Fun game to go 1-1 in speed runs...might be a fun idea for next year....nes speed runs.
  3. Wait, did I miss contra speed runs? Ah shit...Im def coming on Friday next yearz
  4. Also, what about the raffles? Are the winners gonna be announced? Im sure they were on site.
  5. Wasnt my wife, we left early. Im sure theyre use to it the way they poured cocktails tho. That was stronger than my tecmo game, thats for sure.
  6. Whoever this commentator with bailey is, he is really good. 👍👍
  7. I just wanna say thanks for running a massive tournament, I know its not easy. My biggest setback was being jabbed in the side twice by a chair, while playing, or even just the people bumping into us, as we were in an aisle way. The place is to small for the field youre running, what about a hotel convention center...theyve had to hear about how much we spend, and would stay there too...? other than that, thank you dave, bailey, the ladies and everyone else that helped out. Great tournament, and cant wait to watch the live stream tonight.
  8. We decided to leave milwaukee early, anyone with a spare bed shoot me a message, will pay. Be there about 3 am 😅
  9. Its been 20 years since Ive seen it...which would explain why I dont remember.
  10. What movie is that? Im gonna assume I know the answer, which is why Ive never watched it.
  11. Is that a buzzy beatle from mario in a really bad mario paint job?
  12. Helpful, but with groups of 4 we wont be waiting around all day like usual between games...unless they have two groups play on one system. edit: and hopefully we dont have an overpriced bloody bar. @davefmurray, can we get tecmo shot girls? My fiance will be there, and probably hate every minute of it, atleast she can make back my losses.
  13. You gonna raffle off a guest appearance to call a game, like in the round of 64?
  14. Theyll get what we all got when we thought we were the best.