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  1. when's @IngrahamAngle going to tell Kanye to shutup and dribble/rap/produce?

  2. @a_leesee_a https://t.co/QZl7GF7Ffy

  3. RT @Sp0rtsTalkJo3: Playoff averages in year 15: LeBron James: 32.5 PPG - 11.8 RPG - 8.0 APG - 1.0 SPG - 1.0 BPG - 62.8% TS Michael Jorda…

  4. We be bout this life! #rekonizereal #FacemaskFam… https://t.co/rswepueLUG

  5. Arroyo Seco Weekend https://t.co/0mlIFLT9sd

  6. so many questions...#50cent @ Costa Mesa, California https://t.co/FeRMAaotdO

  7. RT @mviser: Stormy Daniels sketch of man who threatened her in 2011…and Tom Brady in 2011. https://t.co/oRCyDLVSSr

  8. @_SingleBabyMama how do you know he's single? #workdatbooty

  9. RT @danWorthington: Harden clearly sets his pivot foot twice on the step back. This is a travel. #RocketsNation https://t.co/0WYi8wATyF

  10. Teague thinking he's the man!! https://t.co/qJDDVGF91S

  11. @ClipperholicsFS true...but watching without agony is fun as well

  12. RT @DavidCayJ: Trump has a 6th, maybe more children, documents in another hush money deal suggest. Expect more — and worse — to come out as…

  13. NBA Playoffs are here! It means JJ Redick will lose his jump shooting ability once again!!

  14. @jeanlucpeakhard @ClipsNationSBN @kevinarnovitz got it! thanks!

  15. RT @MylesInSF: https://t.co/FdYFfuVA4V