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  1. Has anyone had the Punt Return not run down the field fast enough to catch the Punt? The ball bounced off the ground then my returner was able to run, no fumble music/text or anything displayed. I just had this happen, and in all my decades of playing this game, have never seen this before.
  2. Thanks, Can I be the top outside LB to block field goals and extra points?
  3. What time will the tournament begin Saturday? Do we get our 'entry fee' back upon arrival?
  4. How many are in the touny so far? How many open positions left? Is there a limit?
  5. Hey guys, this would be my first Madison, or any Tecmo tournament for that matter, so a few questions: Is it best to get a hotel Friday night or Saturday night? I live in Minnesota so not too bad of a drive. Will the TV's only be the old school tube kind? I'd prefer not to play on an HDTV Is there a time frame of when the tournament will be? 10AM until Midnight? Can yo be the Top OL position to block field goals? The Derrick Thomas or LT position? I'll think of some more questions, thanks. Hope to have some fun and meet some Tecmo Super Bowl geeks like myself
  6. Thank you very much War Machine!! I've done just that now, added a bunch of players from TPC to my AOL list, including you. Again, Thank you!!!
  7. How do I begin to do "pick up games"? I downloaded everything and got AOL, signed up on TPC, but where do I begin to ask people if they want to play online? Is there a specific thread or do I start my own thread? I have yet to play an online game...
  8. Anyone want to play a game tonight. I just got my NES USB controller and want to try it all out.....
  9. Yes, that's what I was referring to, seemed a little odd I had to register another account lol. Also, is AIM the same as AOL messenger?
  10. Thanks, I'll have to download AOL messenger. I was not at the Madison tourney, I would've been if I found out about it sooner and plan to go next year. I've always knew about online Tecmo, just never downloaded anything and thought now I would give it a try.
  11. And 1 more thing, how come I need to sign up and register at TPC when all it does is take me to http://tecmo.us/arena/viewtopic.php?f=1118&t=42027&p=221932#p221932and have me register and sign up there to post on the thread? Couldn't we just bypass TPC? And how do the other people know my contact info on the other site? Do I need my contact info for both sites?
  12. Ok I think I got everything downloaded and situated... My next question is, is the primary communication from AOL Messenger? I just have my Facebook account linked to my TPC account.... I wouldn't mind playing a test game with someone, I don't have a USB controller yet so I'd be using the keyboard lol, just so I can get the Hosting and connecting part figured out.
  13. I figured it out, I did indeed miss a step.... Now, when I try to open "netopoia_anticheap_V2", nothing happens. Nothing opens up now....
  14. I'm doing the step by step procedure, right now the problem I'm at is when it says.... "Next, you'll need to add the game ROM to our list of available games for Netplay. That can be done by going to Netplay -> Connect. Doing so will open a window with a blank box and a couple of buttons. The button that we're interested in for now is the "Add.." button to the right." The problem is, when I click on "Netplay", I see "Connect", but I can not click on it, it is not highlighted to be clicked on, as if there is no option, if that makes sense. Any resolution to this, I don't believe I missed a step. Here is the step by step list I'm using. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53066-guide-get-started-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies/?p=345778 Thank you all!
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