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  1. I thought I figured out this stuff. My second reply about adding 40 was my problem. I didn't see this anywhere so I'm not going to delete the thread just in case others run into this. My helmets were OK on the team data page but on pregame messed up. Ended up being more than one helmet. What I missed was that each bank starts back at 00. So if you logo is drawn in bank 70 the first tile is 00. The first tile in bank 71 is also 00. So on and so forth. In yy-chr 4 rows of graphics from left to right represent a bank. So if your drawing on the first tile in the third bank, 72, than its 00. You just have to make sure to put bank 72 after F6 in the line of code that determines your pointer. Hopefully this post will help do others figure it out.
  2. I have a new issue with large helmets. I have one helmet that is displaying the wrong logo only on the pre-game screen. it's also one when that team is player one. I've been combing through the threads and I know there are different grids these helmets are drawn in, but why would it only impact one helmet and only if its player 1?
  3. I have not played around with it, but you may also benefit from the zip files in this thread https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/11077-tsb-ncaa-ultimate-editing-superpack/#comment-96200
  4. I'm working on a rom where I replacing all mini helmets and I haven't figured it all out yet, but my assumption is your answer lies in the thread posted below. My understanding in the 32 team rom has tables assigned to screens, two of which are what you are talking about. So my guess is you need to change around the coding on the team control screen table as cxrom mentions. Might also be looking at Bucks reply and playing with that method first. If you figure it out please post, because I'm trying to tackle a similar task soon.
  5. It looks like I need to add 40 to my tile number the second bank 71. Banks 72 and 73 look like they are fine. Any ideas on why this is? I'm truly confused and haven't seen this posted anywhere.
  6. Help me please. I successfully edited 8 helmets and hit the colts. All of a sudden, my logos are all messed up. If I swap out the one of the first 8 logos it works perfect. If I swap the tiles to what the new logo should be its a random jumble of stuff I didn't select. I've tried switching around the banks. No luck. It seems like every consecutive helmet is having this issue. The pointer is hitting the right spot because it works when I swap out the tiles. Its like my tile 40 is changing to 82. I know this issue is not the reason I can't get these logo's right because I was able to swap out a previously used logo. Also how would I calculate the offset for 11204? the second number is negative. (112 = 92) (04-10=-6?)
  7. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere, but when working with tile layer pro or anything with a title arranger, is there a way where you can save the tile arrangement so that you can go back and work on it later? I'm editing midfield, but if I only get halfway through after I've already put all the titles in the arranger is there a way to save that so i don't have to rearrange the jumbled tiles each time, I open the application?
  8. Sorry missed this. Midwest to southeast, so about 700 miles right now. Was playing from about 1000 miles away. Honestly works better than the computer option.
  9. Works great. Very smooth and if you play with the same host every time it's really easy. If switching hosts a lot it could be a bit clunky imo. The instructions above work, except you need to press the hotkey + i. Everything else is the same.
  10. Thanks bruddog. I asked in the retro pi forums, but no response. I found something after several hours. There appears to be a hotkey called "netplay flip users". I suspect that's it, but can't find anything that outlines the details. I'm going to try and test soon. If I figure it out I'll post it here.
  11. So I'm using retro pi and netplay to play with a friend. Can't seem to figure out how to switch p1 and p2 without changing who's hosting. Any suggestions? Not sure if this can be done on the pi or not.
  12. Any idea where I would change this? I can't seem to find it?
  13. I tried serching the forums and found nothing, so I figured I would ask. Has anyone changed the colors of the goal posts? I was thinking of changing them to white. Is this possible?
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