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  1. Just checked in. Were in room 237 and 239 come game it up!
  2. Justin will still be there tonight in the hotel to game and practice it up all night as usual. Have to leave early Saturday morning for a flight for family funeral.
  3. Im picking up gats room and my room when I arrive 330 friday so ill try to get them conjoined.
  4. Please register if you haven't yet, Cory will be breaking down and revealing the pool assignments soon and this helps us a lot!
  5. Here is the last of the raffle prizes! We have an eric allen signed program (pretty sure it is fake), a tiny Buccaneers pennant and a Steelers program guide!
  6. Awesome to hear! Come game with us Friday night if you come then. I will post room number Friday afternoon!
  7. Here are a couple primo prizes! You can eat your breakfast on either Lawrence Taylor's or Warren Moon's Face?
  8. Some more raffle prizes for this coming weekends tournament!
  9. We the confirmation of the gaming hotel for Friday Night Tecmo: Super 8 by Wyndham Clive/W Des Moines 11414 Forest Avenue, Clive, Iowa 50325 +1-515-259-1347 Gats, Hank, DPS, Mort, myself, Hawkeye and Joe Dietz (all are invited) will be there gaming all night long so come and get some games in if you wanna have fun. Will post the hotel room once checked in a week from now. Not a bad price at $74 a night. 1.5 Miles away from the Keg Stand. You can book here: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/super-8/des-moines-iowa/super-8-clive-w-des-moines/overview?CID=EM%3ASE%3A20191101%3AOLSON%3ACONFIRMATION%3ABRAND%3AJID1862000-BOOK%3ANA%3AEN-US
  10. Just an FYI the Minnesota Championship Belt will be making an appearance. @SammieSmith33
  11. Next raffle prizes are some amazing player pins! The lucky winner could be taking home either a James Score card with the matching Pin or a Neal Anderson Score card with the matching player pin. Either way the lucky winner of either of these will have a very sophisticated item to add to any shirt they would like to pin these items to.
  12. And here is our first raffle prize! I will post a couple a day. Were also going to have a raffel for losing games! So even losers can be winners!
  13. There will be some raffle items that I should have some pictures of next week, were getting closer!
  14. Planning on having a Friday Night tecmo party for those coming Friday night in the Gats/Mort/Hank Hotel room. More details to come. @hankthetank
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