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  1. Sega is officially the funniest guy in tecmo. I loved his alexa comments all day.
  2. Indeed great tourney. I loved the pool play games that were done. It was different than normal and made it new and fun. It was a good time overall. Only games I lost were because I did that on purpose. And any close game I had was cause I did that on purpose. @ricor33 @RetroNathan. Rico, get out of the car!
  3. Fun fact, Sega knocked me out of my first ever live tecmo tourney in the original millards meyham. He was atl and I cant remember who I was, but he torched me with rison. Funny how you remember things like that. Sobi was amazing that tourney also. but lost to sconnie.
  4. Great point Hank. I would also like to point that I placed 2nd in your own Wisconsin tourney in green bay last year. That was ahead of all Wisconsin players. Let me know if you have any question. On a side note looks like I will be driving up saturday morning. We have a freshman orientation at college today and I have to be here until the last one leaves. Unless a miracle happens I will come in the morning. If that changes I will let you know to game it up tonight. Other than that what time can we show up in the morning? @SammieSmith33
  5. No, it is a new cpu and I did not install anything other than a standard one.
  6. I installed this on my PC. when i play tecmo against computer all good, but when i try to connect to someone to play a tpc or league game I get an error about sound. It is attached. I have no sound for my nestopia. i want sound so i can stream with game sound.
  7. Not a problem for me to stay in a hotel room with you and your family.
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