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  1. Where is the overlay NFL Shield in the team NFL intro sequence. I can get rid of the team part but shield must be over the top and in a different location.
  2. Creating an NCAA football rom and need some assistance on the mini helmets. Things that need fixed are the facemask of my FSU mini helmet to a red color, my UCLA should look like the notre dame helmet with the blue UCLA logo, and my Lousiville helmet needs some help. I'd like it to be white with a white facemask. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated I'll upload the rom i'm working with.NCAA 2013_2copy.nes
  3. For this hack does it work any different to place it in the rom manually at BFC5 vs using the hack setter? Or is the hack placed in the same spot?
  4. what programs do I need to apply these hacks? I've downloaded the files and I'm not sure how to use the programs.
  5. jstout, i got the logo where i want it, now do you know the location of the 4 palattes? want to change colors.
  6. Can anyone tell me how the NFL Shield in the Intro sequence works. I want to change it to an NCAA logo I have on the Main menu. Does this have to be the same as the midfield logo. I've looked at the hex address and messed around with it but all I've been able to do is move tiles around. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll attach my rom. NCAA 2013_2.nes
  7. Does anyone know the location of the colors for the team data screens for the NFC west teams in the 32-team rom?
  8. can anyone tell me where the large helmet pointers are in the nfc west of the 32-team rom. I know the SF - A0 A7 Rams - 84 A7 Cards - 14 A7. I'm trying to do some logo swapping and need the location of these in the rom. I understand how to switch the I just don't know where the NFC west teams are located..
  9. thanks a bunch. What kind of advice can you offer about large helmets? Some of them just need swapped and some need color changes and logos replaced. Also is there a way to make my FSU face mask red? Any explanation would be awesome.
  10. hey I've been working on an updated ncca rom using the super pak. I've gotten quite a bit accomplished and I'm in need of some help. I've got a lot of the mini helmets where I'd like them but a few that are over my head. My michigan state mini helmet needs the logo and facemask to be white, my Kansas st. helmet needs to be grey with a purple logo I havent made a baylor helmet but I'd like it like Notre Dame but with a white logo resembling BU. Everything eles seems ok on the mini helmets my other issue is large helmets. I need to swap some and make some any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached my rom file. NCAA 2013.nes
  11. This rom is pretty awesome. Love the field. What programs are you using to edit this. I have read both your field map and end zone tutorial. They are helpful but I'd still like some help explaining how you got or created the rose bowl logo and PAC 10 and big 10 end zones. The programs I've been using are tile layer pro and fceux. Also I'd like to know the hex location of the entire field and color palettes. I've found the ones from your end zone tutorial and successfully made the Tennessee end zone. Any help would be awesome. I'm new to this rom editing and wanting to learn.
  12. New to board, Tecmo player in Nebraska. Loved this game as a child and is the reason I'm a lions fan. Barry Sanders. Love playing custom roms and am slowly trying to create my own NCAA version. Any advice or help is welcomed.
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