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  1. Playoff rules. A coin toss determines who has the option to call the matchup (Feel free to use "!coin-toss" in the chat). The winner can call or defer. The person who calls the match up is P1. Matchups reset from the regular season so you can call any matchup but you can only call it once in the playoffs. Stream your game if you can and when it is scheduled announce on discord when you will be playing so others can watch. Tag the league when your game is scheduled and when it is starting. If you can not stream record the game and send me the NSV file. If it is a close game I, or someone, will try and stream it. Last season the playoff deadline worked well so we will go with that again. Each round will be 4 days to get your game in. If the game is not played the person communicating the most and being available the most will advance. Send personal messages to your opponent and schedule. If you have a true conflict communicate with me in advance and we will work something out. Last thing I want to do is auto win a playoff game but will do so to keep this thing moving. Playoff Deadlines Round 1 Tuesday, March 26th Semi - Finals Sunday, March 31st Conference Finals Thursday, April 4th ChampionShip Monday, April 8th Winner should send me the following info in a direct message even if you streamed it. I don't get to watch all of the streams so send it to me either way. The championship game will be announced and streamed. 1. Matchup/Teams Bears Vs CIN I was CHI and Won. 2. Score 17 - 10 3. Who called the matchup - Prime  Bracket Link https://challonge.com/TTL35
  2. I like that this league is different then other leagues. The tier system is fun as well as the call outs. I'm a fan of the break for summer. Good way to balance life and tecmo during the busy summer months. 32 would be ideal if the support is there. Great job with the league and coordinating everything! Really a quality experience. My one suggestion for improvement would be to perhaps modify the draft doc format a bit. I have a hard looking up the tandem information when the tandems are in the same column. Having them on the same row is easier to view and filter. Perhaps this is just personal preference I'm not sure. I use filters to view who is available and have a hard time doing that with the 2k doc. HSTL usually does the format below which is easier to view. If it's a lot of work no sense in changing it. I only bring up cuz of the request for feedback. Tandems on the same row example (RB/DB) (Preferred)
  3. Cole Beasley WR DAL Jamize Olawale RB DAL
  4. Quincy Enunwa WR NYJ Elijah Mcguire RB NYJ
  5. Jonathan Stewart RB NYG Cody Latimer WR NYG
  6. Demaryius Thomas WR DEN Devontae Booker RB DEN
  7. Discord: Nickname (if applicable): Darth Rockman Email: [email protected] Availability: Next Year Can you host?: Sure List 4 Team Preferences: S.F S.F S.F S.F What's your location/timezone?: Twilight Why do you want to join HSTL?: Cuz I just left and looking to get back in.
  8. Group 2 Coin Toss Winner MiddleDoug Matchup Jets / Dal Darth takes DAL Some early stops forces two punts and DAL gets the early lead. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/385241360
  9. Season 35 of TTL can now begin. Format for this season is a called matchup league. We have 28 owners and 14 owners per conference which means you have 13 games to play. Deadline will be Monday, Match 18th @ midnight. We will also have a mid season deadline of Monday, Feb 25th @ midnight where you need to have 6 games in. If you don't have your games in or don't have a very very good reason I will find a replacement so we can keep the season moving along. Rules You play each person once in your conference. All Madison rules. (https://tecmomadison.com/rules/) Coin flip determines who calls the match up. Winner can call the match up or defer. Person who calls the match up is P1. You can only call the match up once however it will reset in the playoffs.  OT No Ties/Overtime: No game can end in a tie. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. If no one scores in the first OT, a new game will begin and the first competitor to score will be declared the winner. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in each OT period, the kicking team in the first OT will be the receiving team in the new game (i.e. the second OT). Playoffs Playoffs will have 7 owners from each conference making the playoffs with the top seed obtaining a week 1 bye. Format will be single elimination. Tagging @ttl will be reserved for commissioner use only and for tagging folks when streaming games. We will use the demerit system and if receive 3 demerits you will be booted from the league. Game Log - Google Doc Use the game tracker to enter in your games. Winner should enter in the results. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i0tdmSxbZJ1tJ930Vi_zJAjMtHKwOkudpL1_H2bdPrU/edit?usp=sharing Matchup Tab - (Games you have not played yet are in white)
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