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  1. Based on the info I've read from others on here I made a probability chart for reference. Odds may not be exact. Please excuse the crudity of this model. If something does not look right let me know and I can update. It the cut scene does not come up below are the APB odds. " If the cut scene does come up it uses 50APB" or 20.3% Updated the below chart based on Bruddog's HSTL discord post. Thanks Bruddog!
  2. This works! Thanks for the rom! Now when I play flash80 maybe he'll stop wining about how I got the better team. Ha! Although, having away and home uniforms would make it much better to play against someone. Either way this is good stuff! Thanks again.
  3. Appreciate the support and look forward to seeing you on 4/23.

  4. Let me know if you find a new version. This version was compiled with an evalution copy of Java runtime that has expired. You can still install it by pushing the date back on your PC to February of 2013. You also have to keep an old date when you run the exe. It works but a bit annoying to have to change the date back and forth. If you forget to change it back some other things won't work. Google didn't like my date changed and gave me a security error.
  5. Winzip and RAR thinks its a corrupt file. I've tried v3 v4 and the gui..... Any ideas?
  6. I have the same problem. Corrupt download and can't post on the original forum.
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