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    TSB #1 Sports Game - ESPN

    Looks like this will be the article...thanks for the spoiler! http://espn.go.com/espn/playbook/feature/video/_/id/9231036/playbook-top-25-sports-video-games-ever
  2. kingraph

    Player Attributes & Rankings

    Thank you! I LOVE the idea of a single FAQ thread that organizes and links a lot of information into an easy to follow format.
  3. kingraph

    Player Attributes & Rankings

    This is awesome, thank you!
  4. Hello all! I haven't played Tecmo in many years (more than I'd like to think about), but have been recently excited about what you have all been doing with this great game. I first learned of classic gaming online about two years ago when I stumbled onto nhl94.com, and have been playing that gem from my youth since. I'm also a moderator on those forums, helping run leagues and thinking of ways to grow the community/make it better. Recently MaynardGKrebs paid a visit to '94 land in a in a short time has provided some great ideas and information! So naturally I'm here looking around. LOTS to digest. Anyway, I look forward to re-learning Tecmo and getting my ass kicked a bunch of times! I'll see you guys around