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  1. vikingmoe02

    Status of Tecmo Madison?

    Yikes! I would expect some waves from moving the tourney out of Madison, but not this harsh. Why not move it to Minneapolis? I know some good spots to hold it, and it's a central hub with a huge airport...
  2. vikingmoe02

    Minneapolis, MN - 1/5/2019 Minny MEETUP

    In retrospect, I should have taken the Vikes. My bad, @SammieSmith33.
  3. vikingmoe02

    Minneapolis, MN - 1/5/2019 Minny MEETUP

    Top 5 moments of the Minny Meet-Up: 1. @segathonsov and @SammieSmith33 simmed the entire regular season in order to call their matchup. They played the Super Bowl matchup that was simulated (RAI vs CHI) and played in regular season mode with injuries and season conditions and everything. Side Note: SF finished the season 8-8, lost the division to the Saints, and didn't make the playoffs... 2. When John simply laid the controller on the ground and looked for his opponents reaction in the middle of a play after throwing his patented "back shoulder" to the end zone. It was a touchdown, and he knew it. Well played @qb_browns! 3. My buddy, @RyanF actually winning a few games against some quality opponents! Maybe the light is starting to turn on??? 4. @8-bit telling me he's been scouting and watching game film on me. I certainly appreciate the level of preparation! 5. Awesome to see @BasementNemisis's kids playing the game. Gotta recruit the next generation of Tecmoers!
  4. vikingmoe02

    Minneapolis, MN - 1/5/2019 Minny MEETUP

    @8-bit Thanks for the fun meet up! It was a really good time and great to hang out with some quality people.
  5. vikingmoe02

    Minneapolis, MN - 1/5/2019 Minny MEETUP

    So awesome. I have in-laws in Eau Claire as well (met my wife at school there). We'll have to connect next time we need a little break and grab a beer.
  6. vikingmoe02

    Minneapolis, MN - 1/5/2019 Minny MEETUP

    Hey, buddy! I think my brother and I would be interested, but we really need to know the date and time. HMU once you know the details and we can confirm then. @8-bit
  7. vikingmoe02

    HSTL Waiting List

    Put me down!! vikingmoe02 can host and stuff It might take 2 years, but I’ll be done with my masters by then anyway....
  8. vikingmoe02

    LB4 Lurch Best Linebackers

    Thanks for the LB post @High Noon Honeycutt!! Not sure about ranking, but I've found that a minimum Running Speed (RS) of 38 is necessary to consistently pull off the lurch. Remember that a player's RS is essentially their starting speed from a dead stop. Having 31 RS just doesn't work on a reliable basis (unless they go into good condition of course). Even if the LB has decent RP, it won't help much for lurching if the RS is below 38 in my experience. So for the OG rom, someone like the Giants' LB4 Carl Banks would be the floor minimum for the LB4 lurch. So anyone with his stats or better will be consistently good at it (i.e. Haley, Greene, Childress, Bennett, Fletcher, etc.). Meanwhile, someone like Philly's Seth Joyner, who is a solid LB4 very similar to Banks, only has 31rs despite other decent stats - hence cannot be relied upon unless in good condition or better IMO. If they have only 25rs, just forget about it. Keep in mind that only LT and DT have a RS of 44 in the game. Everyone else is 38rs or less. So if you're playing with the Rams and Kevin Greene goes into bad, he's no longer a reliable lurcher from his LB4 spot.
  9. vikingmoe02

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Hoff takes Houston OL vis text
  10. 1. Stall gets p1 2. RICO wins game toss 3. Not skipped 4. Over 5. 41 total pts 6. Stall 7. Under 8. 31 pts total 9. Stalltalk wins 10. In 2 games
  11. vikingmoe02

    Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    Thanks for the bump @kamphuna8! my thoughts above..
  12. Group K Me vs GameHigh I win toss (3 in a row!) and call CHI vs KC GameHigh chose KC, so me with CHI Recap: Gamehigh with the ball first and turned over on downs. I score. KC has to punt next posession. I score, but XP is blocked by DT. Halftime 13-0. I get the ball and score. KC turns to Paige to get some points quickly and he gets the JJ. I score again though. Then Paige one more time with the CC TD this time. I punch one more in late. Neal went into good and went 10/177. Paige had all 164 of DeBerg's passing yards. The Nightmare held to 13 yards on 6 carries. Bears win 34-14 GG Gamehigh TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  13. Group K Vikingmoe vs Ziur i win toss and offer CIN v MIA Ziur selects MIA I was up 17-7 and had Ziur on a forth down when he connects on a deep CC to pull within 3. Then he picks my next three plays in a row and I have to punt. Fortunately the last JJ attempt falls incomplete. GG sir. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207675967?collection=-okPzcaF_BSMRg CIN (me) = 17 MIA (Ziur) = 14
  14. Group K Who won toss: Me Matchup called by coin toss winner: MIN v WASH Team that coin toss loser chose MIN Me vs Player121 and he stole my Vikings from me. We exchange scores and then he fumbles on a sack I believe. I score then he gets a JJ and then scores with only a little time before half. He blitzes me to avoid the JJ bomb before half but Ricky Sanders grabs the burn route and just barely houses it. After half we exchange more scores but I get an additional FG. He fails on 4th down to essentially end it. GG Player WASH (VikingMoe) = 31 MIN (Player121) = 21 **Stan Humphries had 100% comp % TDome_MoePlayer.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  15. vikingmoe02

    Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    @War Machinethat was fantastic