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  1. I’ll give this a try if there’s still room
  2. Can you sign up my brother as well @SammieSmith33? He doesn't have a .org account. Info: Travis Gardner TravG23 Likes long walks on the beach
  3. Looks like we aren't leaving for the Dells until Sunday the 4th! So I'm in!
  4. Dolo’s Group i won toss and called MIA v CIN Barletti chose MIA Barletti gets the ball and grinds out a drive mostly on the ground but with one burn route to Clayton. Takes all but 14 seconds of the 1st quarter but goes up 7-0. I get the ball and conditions change with Brooks going into good. I ride that horse into the end zone. I force Barletti to punt and I get the ball just past midfield and try a looooong FG. It’s good! Even with Offerdahl basically holding the ball for me - laces out. I get the ball after half and quickly go up 17-7. Barletti rides Duper in good and scores to make it 17-14 late in the 3rd. I pull together a drive despite great D and picked plays by Barletti, but had to convert a 4th and 2. 24-14 now. Barletti turns the ball over on downs after that, and I punch in one more score for pt diff reasons. 31-14 GG Barletti, you’re a good dude.
  5. Dolo's group (11 I think?) Swamp vs me, ans Swamp won the toss He called RAM vs MIA, and I took MIA Swamp gets the ball first and drives down to the redzone, but Jimbo misfires on a couple of timed JJ's and it's TOD. I peel off a long run and a long pass and score. Swamp Drives again but overtaps and throws a pick in the EZ. I hit a couple burn routes to Duper and then Jensen, and it's 14-0. Last second heave by Swamp before half is no good. I score after half, but had to convert on a 4th and long to do it. Swamp hits a deep pass and scores on a burn route. Sammie Smith goes into EXC and tears off a few chunky runs and scores. Swamp hits a deep JJ but fumbles, and I'm forced to score again to get the 28pt diff (sorry Swamp). GG GLRW 35-7 Miami wins TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  6. Vikingmoe02 can host (server only right now but getting new router and will be fine) central time can play most evenings after 8:30pm central, sometimes earlier
  7. Yikes! I would expect some waves from moving the tourney out of Madison, but not this harsh. Why not move it to Minneapolis? I know some good spots to hold it, and it's a central hub with a huge airport...
  8. In retrospect, I should have taken the Vikes. My bad, @SammieSmith33.
  9. Top 5 moments of the Minny Meet-Up: 1. @segathonsov and @SammieSmith33 simmed the entire regular season in order to call their matchup. They played the Super Bowl matchup that was simulated (RAI vs CHI) and played in regular season mode with injuries and season conditions and everything. Side Note: SF finished the season 8-8, lost the division to the Saints, and didn't make the playoffs... 2. When John simply laid the controller on the ground and looked for his opponents reaction in the middle of a play after throwing his patented "back shoulder" to the end zone. It was a touchdown, and he knew it. Well played @qb_browns! 3. My buddy, @RyanF actually winning a few games against some quality opponents! Maybe the light is starting to turn on??? 4. @8-bit telling me he's been scouting and watching game film on me. I certainly appreciate the level of preparation! 5. Awesome to see @BasementNemisis's kids playing the game. Gotta recruit the next generation of Tecmoers!
  10. @8-bit Thanks for the fun meet up! It was a really good time and great to hang out with some quality people.
  11. So awesome. I have in-laws in Eau Claire as well (met my wife at school there). We'll have to connect next time we need a little break and grab a beer.
  12. Hey, buddy! I think my brother and I would be interested, but we really need to know the date and time. HMU once you know the details and we can confirm then. @8-bit
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