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  1. Different teams have "blitz beaters". Here are the passes to beat the blitz. You have to play with some of these because if you throw it too early or late there is a chance to get picked off. Indianapolis Pass 1 has a throw to the TE who unless you are playing a ROM where it has been fixed is always open. Indianapolis Pass 2 has a throw to the bottom receiver just as he cuts down. Works better on the top hash mark Miami Pass 1 you can hit any receiver on the hook once they hook. The TE has the shortest route and is the easiest to hit. Miami Pass 2 has a quick throw to the tight end on his slant (gets picked sometimes) and if you can avoid the rush long enough you can hit the bottom receiver on his square in when he cuts up. Miami Pass 3 has a quick throw to the top receiver on his slant, or to the Running back on his square out when he cuts down. Cleveland Pass 1 you can hit the top receiver when he hooks if you can avoid the rush long enough, or you can hit the running back out of the backfield if you throw it quick enough. Cleveland pass 2 you can hit the TE on his out route just as he cuts down. Denver Pass 1 is the same as Indianapolis Pass 2. Denver Pass 2 you can hit the top receiver on his square in just as he cuts down. Seattle Pass 1 same as Denver Pass 1 Seattle Pass 2 you can hit the TE on the curl Los Angeles Pass 1 you can hit the TE on a quick slant because the default when the defense play picks Pass 1 is Pass 2. So even though you pick Pass 1 if the defense picks that play you will run Pass 2. Los Angeles Pass 2 you can hit the TE on a quick slant. Washington Pass 1 is the same as Miami Pass 1 Washington Pass 2 you can hit the TE on a quick slant. San Francisco Pass 1 is the same as Seattle Pass 1 San Francisco Pass 2 you can hit the top receiver on the curl or hit the RB out the backfield if you throw it quickly. San Francisco Pass 3 you can hit the TE on the curl or the RB on the slant. Dallas Pass 1 is the same as Miami Pass 2 Dallas Pass 2 you can hit the RB on the curl route, the slant by the TE looks enticing but gets picked easily. New York Pass 1 is the same as Miami Pass 1 New York Pass 2 is the same as Cleveland Pass 2 Chicago Pass 1 you can hit the bottom receiver when he slants up Chicago Pass 2 you can hit the tight end after he slants up Minnesota Pass 2 is the same as San Francisco Pass 2 except the running back is harder to hit out of the backfield because he is in the I formation instead of the offset I.
  2. I think I have everything in here now. The document I put together is now 20 pages long. I have included Tecmo Turd's TB tool. I can't get it to work the way he intended, but I do use it to change the plays, play art and play bytes & Blitz bytes. Just keep all of the files in one folder. Drag your ROM into the folder. Open the TBtool.exe once you do that open the ROM into the TBtool and go to Set Playbooks. Once in that screen just type the play you want for which team and hit set plays. Very simple. The only issue is once you close it out the play descriptions (Ind1, Den2 etc. don't stay, they just say N/A. When you go into your ROM and play it though the plays are changed. TBTool.zip Original Tecmo Bowl 32 Team ROM with Updated Graphics Hex Locations.docx
  3. Montana, can also do this, but it is risky, for obvious reasons. I have also done this with lesser QB's but like I said it's a crap shoot. Tecmo Turd had a Hack a few years ago that used the players Special Attribute to determine if the player intercepted or not. I never played with it, but it might be cool.
  4. As long as you tap your "A" button while grappling you will never get blown up, unless a linemen comes over and knocks you off. It shouldn't have anything to do with in front or behind the LoS
  5. Attached is the original with all 24 teams on it. TecmoMadBrad has a better ROM that I modified with updated player colors, uniform colors and took out the reverse plays from Washington and Minnesota to give them two runs with their running backs. It also has the Bo Jackson run fix, as well as the Pat Beach coverage fix in it. I used to have a copy, but my computer had some major issues and I lost a lot of files. Japan Us 24.nes
  6. I know I read something about this at some point, searched for it but couldn't find it. Is there an easy hex code change to allow teams to switch sides every quarter in TSB or the original TB? Or maybe a not so easy fix?
  7. As Brad stated earlier, a real challenge is to try and beat Minnesota with Indy in the Tecmo Bowl. Someone else posted this as a challenge a while back and Brad and I tried it. I lost a few times, before finding a strategy that worked. Millard is in on every play way to quick. I just picked the run 1 and used the top OLB and as soon as the ball is hiked. start running with the top receiver. A couple of times they would throw to Steve Jordan and my OLB would get sucked towards him and he would be off to the races. Here are the codes to play as anyone vs anyone in the Tecmo Bowl. Use the two digit code on the left to pick your team and then finish the password with the 6 digits on the right to pick your opponents. For Example: You as Indianapolis vs Minnesota = C337FFA5 You as Dallas vs Minnesota = 6337FFA5 Etc.. You Team Computer C3 Indianapolis BFFEA4 C6 Miami BFFDA3 C9 Cleveland BFFBA1 CC Denver AFF7AD 93 Seattle AFEFA5 96 Los Angeles 9FDFA5 99 Washington 7FBFA5 9C San Francisco 3F7FA5 63 Dallas AEFFA5 66 New York 9DFFA5 69 Chicago 7BFFA5 6C Minnesota 37FFA5 33 Inv. Indy 36 Inv. Miami 39 Inv. Cleveland 3C Inv. Denver
  8. Britney Spears - My Prerogative Never knew she did a remake of Bobby Brown's hit
  9. Barnes & Barnes: Fish Heads Just weird...
  10. Was talking with a friend the other day and before we knew what any of the player attributes were for the original Tecmo Bowl, we would try and figure out who was faster. Of course you could use the stats that the game provided and it gave you an good indication of the faster players, but no a true indication. Another way was just the eye and feel test. If he looked faster and moved faster then that was probably so. The other way we tested to see the speed was to score a touchdown and as soon as you crossed the goal line, start running the other way, the further you get away from the goal line the faster the player. We actually did this for every team and every offensive player to "rank" them. Little did we know that there were attributes that make players faster from the get go vs after say 3 yards. Anyways just a stroll down memory lane, before the game was vetted out down to the tiniest detail.
  11. Article from ESPN http://www.espn.com/blog/detroit-lions/post/_/id/30704/jim-bob-cooters-coordination-evolution-from-tecmo-bowl-to-the-nfl
  12. Tecmo Bowl reference between 0:17 & 0:18 second mark!
  13. TheFes75

    TB Rules?

    Brad, I've attached a video of Roger Craig getting positive yards on a running play on a play pick. Would this be allowed under your rules? VIDEO0009-0-1-0.mp4
  14. I was wondering if there is a way to make the fielders put their arms up on pop ups and fly balls when a fielder is camped under it like the computer controlled players do. I know in Baseball Simulator 1.000 the fielders do this and the computer controlled fielders do it when you are playing a 1 player game. Not that it is that hard to get to the right spot, but that would let you know when you are under the ball.
  15. Charlie Blackmon for the Colorado Rockies bats left handed, but in the game he bats right handed. Great work by the way, were you able to find out how to make the batters switch hitters for future games from the 2013 version I sent you that had switch hitters in it?
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