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  1. I'm out if its on this forum. I'm not in any leagues on this site anymore, and want to keep it that way. I don't want to have to check two boards.
  2. Lol. How many people are shocked that MrT changed his mind about something?
  3. You're clueless, Knobbe. MrT made these promises and proclamations of power just hours ago. Al l did since that time was make a little funny at AHake. If you think that's what cost me my spot in this league, then you are dumber than I thought. Nice case and point. Too bad I didn't initially respond to your babble, other than simply say "you have it all figured out!". Too bad you your point from your little case and point is a response that I made to MrT, not you, moron. I didn't respond to you, because you make no sense and are too easy. I respond to MrT because at least he is a challenge. And I wasn't speaking of your ability to get me to respond when you bait me, and how much fun and how cool you think that is. I was talking about what a pussy you are for stirring up shit and then threatening to ban when you get the response that you are looking for. You claim that I am such a cancer to this site and that my posts threaten it's reputation, yet you continue to elicit responses from me. You continue to engage. You make no damn sense. If you were truly concerned about your site and the preservation of Tecmo, if you were truly not in this for your own ego, and if you truly had a maturity level beyond mine, you would have simply locked the thread, saying something like "looks like business is done here", so that people could continue on talking about other elements of this great game rather than continue to pollute the boards with this bullshit all day. You love this stuff though. Who do you think you are kidding?
  4. Big difference between believing you have a legion of supporters, and knowing that most people don't dislike you because of your shit talk while playing Tecmo Superbowl online, dumb ass. That's indeed reserved for a very small percentage of simpletons like yourself. And you're the worst. Again, you and I have never even played. You can't even make an opinion for yourself. You just run with the sheep, in your little Tecmo league that you used to be good at, and that you are so proud to be the "grim reaper" of. You're a trip.
  5. No, actually you said no apologies were needed. You told me to just shut up. You told me you had this handled. You told me you owned the league, and to just watch your magic at work. Fucking hilarious. No, this will have no carry over to WTFG, It's almost a completely different group of owners. If it makes your dick hard to get me kicked out of there too though, go ahead. Sounds cool. Again, sounds like a great life.
  6. Lol. You're so stupid Knobbe. You're the one that came in with your babble, psycho-analysis, and expert Tecmo opinion. Laugh my fucking ass off. The thread was going to die. The vote was done. You just had to come stir shit up though. And then you threaten to ban when you get the very response that you are looking for. Do what you gotta do, tough guy.
  7. Lol, MrT. What happened to all of the pull you that you have and your guarantee that you could keep me in the league, that you made just 12 hours ago? Because I made a little funny to AHake? Puh-lease. You're a fucking dork and sheep, just like the rest of them. I thought you were quitting, because you were ashamed that your level of participation has evolved into this. That's what you tell me on AIM anyways, when you are being all buddy, buddy trying to get me to be your friend. That's what you tell me on AIM when you cry about your personal issues, how Tecmo has interfered with being able to handle them, when you agree that online Tecmo is made up mostly of complete dorks, and when you say you need somebody real to talk to. But yeah, let's talk about who has issues.
  8. Knobbe, you're not even in the league. And your lectures and psycho-analysis on a video game message board is laughable. Get a fucking life already. Opus, again, I have plenty of people I can play Tecmo with. I never claimed to have some legion of supporters. I simply said that the "nobody likes you" crap is not only childish, but false. Several people here said that I should not be booted, and many more outside of the league AIM me saying what a bunch of total dorks and drama queens play in WTF. Shame on me for refusing to believe them. Shame on me for stooping to your level and participating in these childish forum games.
  9. I don't give a fuck. How much more clear do I need to be? I don't use the internet to make friends. I come to goof off, play Tecmo, talk shit, whatever. And sure, sometimes I'll bitch when the game pisses me off. In the leagues that are filled with complete dorks and fragile egos, that won't jive. It will hurt their little feelings. They'll whine, cry, play little board games, politic, and kick me out. Whatever. There is several other leagues. And there is several other people that I do get along well with. I'll have no problems finding games. Thanks for your concern though. You guys maybe want to move along with your lives now? Or do we still have a couple more threads coming on this?
  10. A few more seasons in which people aren't talking about what a whiner you are?
  11. They showed Knobbe's clip fro mabove on NFL Network. The PM and most highly rated show too. Pretty cool. Did you somehow contact them, Knobbe, or did they come to you?
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