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  1. Tecmonster

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LII (2.4) +

    Goji, I bet you never anticipated a complaint of "too up-to-date."
  2. In my experience, your suspicions are correct. Changing the run defense reactions to BA will improve pass coverage. Bear in mind though, this also makes a MAN's pass defense better vs. the COM when MAN picks a run play on defense, so I don't know if you really gain anything. Plus, it sort of whitewashes play-picking strategy a little bit (i.e. if your priority is to stop the run so you call a run play on D, you should expect your team will play better vs. the run than if you had picked a pass play).
  3. Tecmonster

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

    Thanks SickSage, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I will always look to add "passive" complexity to my rom, but I want the controller mechanics to stay true to the original game. My biggest issue with Madden is how complicated the controller functions have become, so I'm staying on the other end of that spectrum. I'd love to add a 2pt conversion hack, but I don't have the code for that, may not even have the room in the rom to implement it, and I definitely don't have the expertise to build that hack myself.
  4. OK, thanks. That's essentially what I'm doing now but using my keyboard to take screenshots instead of saving as screenshots.
  5. Do you have a computer program that automatically extracts and formats these stat screenshots? The weekly "print screen & paste & crop & organize & save" routine is getting old for me.
  6. Tecmonster

    D-League Tecmo Bowl

    How can you forget Jamarcus Russell? Also: Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, WR Mike Williams (one of the greatest college receivers I've ever seen), Tony Mandarich, Brian Bosworth, Steve Emtman.
  7. Tecmonster

    Best way to manage draft?

    The way we do it is that we use the first round to draft our "base" team. So you pick one of the 32 NFL teams and you'll adopt that team's defense, offensive line, and offensive back-ups. Then we use the next 6 rounds to draft our starting QB, RB1, WR1, WR2, TE, and FLEX position, which can be either a RB or WR. For us, it gets more complicated because each team also has a salary cap and each player has a salary but you might not want to deal with all that. In any case, I would recommend NOT re-drafting an entire team's roster because of the massive amount of time you'll spend editing rosters. We also added an option where you could cut a defensive player, recoup his salary, and replace him with an upgrade at that position, as long as that upgraded player isn't already on someone else's base team (i.e. if someone took the Seahawks as a their base team, then nobody can draft a Seahawks defensive player). Then I edit the rosters with TSBToolSupreme. If you want to check out our full league rules, visit our league website at renotecmoleague.weebly.com.
  8. Tecmonster

    Playoff Bracket Fixed!

    Maybe you applied it to the 28-team rom. It probably won't work for that one. Yes, the better seeded team will always play in the P1 slot with one exception. In the conference championship games, whatever team comes out of the top part of the bracket (where the 1-seed resides) will play as P1 regardless of its seeding. That means, if the 1-seed team gets upset in its first game (by either the 4 or 6 seed), and the 2-seed advances, then the 2-seed will still play as P2 in the conference champ game even though they have the better seed. So, that's the only flaw with this.
  9. Unless my notes are incomplete, that hack should do exactly what you want -- ensure that the better-seeded team plays in the P1 slot.
  10. Yeah, pambazos figured this out a few years ago. Here's the code to correct the brackets, and the labels for each bracket: x23247, 86 x2324c, 8E x23251, 7E x23256, 76 x232a1, 7F x3f770, 77 x23288, 8A x2328d, 92 x23292, 82 x23297, 7A x3f77d, 83 x3f785, 7B x1e6d9, 31 53 54 x1e6e0, 34 54 48 x1e6e4, 32 4E 44 x1e6e8, 31 53 54 x1e6f0, 33 52 44 x1e6fb, 32 4E 44
  11. Tecmonster

    The 2nd TSB Book of Armaments

    OK, thanks. When you said "stat extractor" though, I didn't realize you were referring to roster/attribute extractor (vs. stats from season play). I've been looking for a program that would extract season stats from a 32-team rom.
  12. Tecmonster

    The 2nd TSB Book of Armaments

    What TSB stat extractor are you using, and does it work for 32-team roms?
  13. Tecmonster

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LII (2.4) +

    Ah, because I was thinking that'd probably be an interesting hack to consider using in TSB leagues like ours, where there is a huge ability gap between the top players and bottom players.
  14. Tecmonster

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LII (2.4) +

    Goji, did you actually put in a hack where the team w/the lead fumbles more often?
  15. Tecmonster

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

    Yeah, I use ourlads too, and Yahoo. Yahoo actually stays far more up-to-the-minute than ourlads does when rosters are rapidly changing, but they're not quite as accurate overall. For me, Yahoo's big advantage is that they show all of a team's player faces on the same depth chart page. Makes that part of the roster updates much faster and easier.