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  1. OMG I believe thats the one!!!!
  2. Interesting, I'm glad to see some sort of salary for ratings structure.
  3. I saw your video of the edited Dreams and Blacksox. I noticed the stats were unchanged but I suspect the ratings may have been given the result. There is an editor for use with the core 8 teams. Not sure if a functional editor was ultimately created for the sav files (the 6 other teams). I've been trying to get a hold of a second editor (which allows for quick changes to ratings and stats using a CSV file import/export feature. As for your league how would a simulation league work or be managed?
  4. Does anyone still have a copy of the Baseball Stars Rom Tool created by one of the members here. The link is no longer functional. There is a functional editor available but I am looking to get a hold of the tool where you can take a CSV file to import/export ratings and rosters.
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