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    AIM: Erick J. Morris Email: [email protected] Availability: Monday thru Friday after 6P, Weekend- Anytime Phone-513-728-9243
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    Sign me up TPC Name: jmorrisAIM: Erick J. Morris Email: [email protected] Availability: M-F after 6p, Anytime on Weekends Phone-513-728-9243
  3. Hey guys Just wanted to say that my name is Josh nickname "JMorris". I have been an avid Tecmo Super Bowl fan since i was in grade school. I can't believe this site is up and available. Once I saw the special on NFL Films, I immediately got me a Nintendo and TSB. Man I love this game. Anyway, I am looking to join any leagues available and looking forward to our tourney here in Cincinnati in July. So feel free to hit me up for a game anytime. JMorris
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