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  1. Dusto I thought about that so my next question would be is if the FPW (Fire Pro Wrestling) route an option? They did not have WWF/E rights or any for that matter but they made it fully customizable from editing players, rings, belts and logos. I've always wondered if WrestleFest did the same thing but named the game something else, didn't use the wrestlers names/ likeness, etc. would Titan/ WWE/ McMahon be able to block it? I'm not even sure if WWE has the rights to the engine as the 2012 iPhone/ Android remake seemed slightly different. Just questions as I don't know what is what exactly. There didn't seem to be any problems with WWF Legends 2.0 (No Mercy Mod), so I've always wondered why a WrestleFest one never came to fruition.
  2. First of all "thug" shouldn't be used in a general sense. He probably did kill the guy (hasn't been convicted yet), but killing someone doesn't make you a "thug", in a lot of cases it makes you a "bitch". You have married people (men & women) who off their spouses for money, someone else etc., are they or would classify them as thugs? No. Hernandez is what is known (well to me) as a fake thug. We call them "Al Pacino type (colourful word)" as they're not real but actors playing a role. Listen to a Nas song "Accident Murderers" he explains it very well. That's what Hernandez is an "Accident Murderer", not saying what he did was an accident, but again listen to Nas. He falls into the category of "bitch" (refer to first paragraph). He has a history of violence, some of which I've heard, so do guys he beat their wives, girlfriends etc. daily, are they thugs? No. Those are bitches. Hernandez's history of violence, from what I've heard, makes him a bitch. Real thugs - Albert Anastasia, Sam Giancana, Wayne Perry, Gotti's enforcer (his name escapes) and even Heidi Fleiss, don't be fooled she is "gangsta" that is a thorough bitch if I ever saw one Fake thugs - Al Capone, Frank Lucas, Sammy the Bull Save for Moss, Gronk, maybe Hernandez and you can throw in Welker, Pats receivers have benefitted from Brady more than he's benefitted from them. Those four have either proven or I think would be successful elsewhere provided they had somewhat of a competent QB. This was humourous.
  3. After a quick read through this thread I have to things to say.... Bodom - differentiate between a real thug and fake thug. Two very different things. David of Murray - to answer your question... Angel Dust.
  4. An absolutely brilliant movie... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_Y5UB3xxW8
  5. Now Carmen San Diego, where can I play that? Knoberto? David of Murray?
  6. Gruden - knowledgeable, but just too much Simms - horrible Collinsworth - see Simms
  7. Knobbe thanks for the link. Just played this and 4 of my people died when crossing some river (they drowned), I remained and made it all the way to the Dallies, one landmark away from the finish and died of dysentery. What actually happens when you complete this cause I've never done it. Also, anyone know where I can play Carmen San Diego?
  8. DOSbox? What's that? Some kind of emulator? Do both Oregon Trail and Carmen San Diego run on that?
  9. Take a look at this site... http://nightwulf.rbicentral.com/rbi-editor/ It's a breakdown for RBI (but the values are the same for RBI 3). Avg, HR, ERA have no bearing on players abilities. These are the ones that do... CONTACT - the lower the better, this how much power is detracted from power. From the Original RBI 3 E. Murray's the lowest at 6, R. Henderson, Dykstra and some others are 7 POWER - self explanatory, Fielder and Sandberg are the highest at 945 and the lowest are around 735-750 SPEED - self explanatory, Coleman is 152 and Henderson is 150 Pitchers are a little different, their abilities are as follows... DROP (0-15) - the higher the value gives you a split/ forkball that will land in the dirt the lower the number the more of a knuckleball effect (when holp up with the controller) CURVE LEFT (0-15) the higher the more curve to the left of the screen CURVE RIGHT (0-15) the higher the more curve to the left of the screen SLOW - speed range of the pitch (when holding up) MED - speed range for a normal pitch FAST - speed range for a fastball (when holding down) STAMINA - the number of pitches each pitcher has, usually 48 for starters and 15 for relievers. Each pitcher loses one for a regular pitch and 2 for pitch when holding either up or down. Check out tecmobowl-vs-rbi.com it has very good explanations there although it's based on RBI. The abilities are very transferable to RBI, with some very slight changes, mainly contact, and the hitters are not as powerful. I think I have an Excel spreadsheet of the original RBI 3 players abilities. I forgot how to add attachment here, when Knobbe tells me I'll post it for you.
  10. Thanks. It looks very familiar with the names and the hitters, but I'm going to have to try and figure my way through the ERA stuff. I'm assuming Dot Five, Six and Seven are Contact, Power and Speed but I'm guessing here.
  11. I understand there have been people trying to edit/ mod/ update Wrestlefest, but I don't wanna say too much as they may be running into legal/ copyright problems that may have caused them to stop.I don't know how much legal trouble someone could get into for a 20 year old game, but it was mentioned that some kid remade a Smurfs game and is now facing legal action due to it so I don't know. Is it that serious?
  12. Wow you guys went back for this one. Oregon Trail and Where In The World is Carmen San Diego. Is there a away I can play these now on my Laptop?
  13. Nick everything is great. Keep the colours changes and everything the same. I just wanted to be able to change players names, stat, power, control, pitchers curve left, right, drop ratings etc. Basically keeping all of you changes with but with the ability to create different teams from different years or all time teams. Like your legends teams in place of the All Star Teams. For instance and All Time Yankees, A's, Giants teams, but keeping everything you have the same. Hope that makes it a little bit more clearer. So I could have a Red Sox team with T. Williams, Ramirez, Yaz, Ortiz, Clemens, Pedro, Cy Young etc. but with all of your changes.
  14. Nice work. Is there away to edit the players (names, stats, etc.) and keep everything else?
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