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  1. Discord: suicideking81 Host: yes Teams: no preference
  2. Discord: Suicideking81 Nickname (if applicable): Email: [email protected] Availability: Weekdays after 8pm CST, Weekends are open, Scheduling preferred. Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: None What's your location/timezone?: Central Why do you want to join HSTL?: Looking to get back in the online action.
  3. I wish it were in the cards for me to attend. Love this event, its definitely at the top of Tecmo event list. BTW, I'm from Louisiana. The post above says Texas
  4. I'm also setting a deadline of Nov. 30th to fill the remaining 3 spots.
  5. @redneckwhiskey Choose another team as the Giants are already taken.
  6. LIST OF OWNERS 1. Bengals or Bills - TundraYeti 2. Saints - SuicideKing 3. Giants - Justin Peters 4. Eagles - RedNeckWhiskey 5. RobotsInDisguise 6. Packers - Trojan 7. 8.
  7. I think 2013 through 2015. Tons of guys playing with 15+ active leagues across 2 websites. Live event competition was at its toughest.
  8. TPC is still can be a great asset to the community. The way the code is built into the word press site makes it limited in terms of of changing it. To get TPC a "fresh coat of paint" would take time and effort. It won't be an easy task.
  9. There are only 8 spots available. Spots will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. Please post your preferred team below. For those who aren't familiar with how NTA operates, I've attached below some things that may answer some of the questions you may have. You may also message me on Discord @suicideking81 Link to NTA website ---> https://www.tecmo.us/nta/ The National Tecmo Association is a spiritual successor to the Improved Tecmo League and the Noob Football League before it. The league is about making some tweaks to the original game, while keeping the same rosters, attributes, and feel of the original. Another important aspect of the league is the camaraderie, competitiveness, and dedication each individual member brings to the league. The league's goal is not to be the largest, but to be a group of cool tecmoers enjoying a league of simplicity Offseason: Each season will feature a quick draft of randomly chosen teams that can't be re-drafted until all others have been. Draft: Drafting will be conducted in tandems. You will select ONE of the following (in any order): QB1 RB 1 & RB2 WR 1 WR 2 & TE Backups and OL (includes QB 2, RB 3 & 4, WR 3 & 4, TE 2 and all OL) DL (1-3) LB's (1-4) DB's (1-4) Kicker and Punter The Regular Season: The schedule is made up of back to back home games against the same opponent to make for quick and easy scheduling and even out the left side "advantage". The Playoffs: The good...everyone makes the playoffs. The bad...the worse you finish in the season the harder it is to win it all. Taking a page from the ETL, the worst team has to run the gauntlet to the title while the Season "champ" only has to win 1 game. Playoff Bracket #7 vs #8 winner of above plays #6 winner of above plays #5 winner of above plays #4 winner of above plays #3 winner of above plays #2 winner of above plays #1 for the Championship Here are the hacks we use in our league: Returner Hack: KR and PR speed based on their actual MS, not the RT and SS as the orig rom currently does. I've tested this with the fastest offensive players in the game, and it definitely makes the return game more of a threat! Grapple Hack: Makes the HP of players involved in man-to-man grapples actually matter by giving extra presses to the higher HP player. In the original rom all that matters is tapping. Drones start with 7 default taps, and then are given more based on the HP scale. Man players are only given taps based on the HP scale. Good tappers will still have an advantage over bad tappers though. HP Scale 13 HP....0 presses 19....1 25....1 31....2 38....2 44....3 50....3 56....4 63....4 69....5 75....5 81....6 88....6 94....7 100...7 Quickness Hack: Allows for defensive TD's from INTs and fumble recovery's by using the quickness attribute as MS for those returns. As of now INT returns for a TD are a very rare occurrence in TSB, which is unfortunate given that they are fairly common in real life. This adds a little bit more risk to the JJ and CC offensive strategy. Player 2 Conditions Fix: This is a minor hack; it fixes an apparent bug in the orig rom that shows the attributes of player 2's players incorrectly. Does not affect gameplay.
  10. ATA is coming back soon. ATA site is going through a small update and rosters are being put together. No announcement has been officially made as I am getting all back end things complete to get all interested players in ATA action soon after joining. As always ATA will be hosted on Tecmoworld.com.
  11. This event is one of my favorites (top 3) in the nation, I've attended this event twice and had a blast. It is highly recommended and is one of the most elite tournaments in the Northeast. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, but if you have the chance to attend, do so, you won't regret it. I believe last year had over 50 participants. Great time with great guys.
  12. Its unfortunate and saddening that this event has been canceled. The Tecmo Tour in general is one of the good things Tecmo has going for it. To see guys not support such a unique and fun event like this is upsetting. I hope this isn't the end of the Tour despite the recent difficulties.
  13. Will there be a Chino Pino sighting as well???
  14. @HalHawkins Link for registration sends who ever clicks on it back to this thread. It does not send them to Tecmo Dallas registration site.
  15. As I've stated in my previous posts here. I am attending this event. Hal and his Retro World Series/Tecmo Tour crew do an excellent job in not only Tecmo events but the other retro events as well. If you're in or near the area you should definitely check out this event amongst the other.
  16. @HalHawkins does a great job with the event!!! @MattyD The championship trophy looks amazing, pictures don't do it justice.
  17. @stalltalk @MattyD @oklahoma You guys attending this event? I hear Mr. Lief Powers is attending!!
  18. Time to move on. Nothing more to see here. Rant is now over. Tecmo Philly is the next stop for the Tecmo Tour.
  19. First INT was a mistap or non registered controller press. Was not an intentional throw 2nd INT to the RB was a non registered/mistap (call it what you want) press as well. Pass was not meant for the RB. Not trying an FG with 4th and 15 was a risk take since I am horrible at FGs on console and CRT due to online slight lag factor and didn't feel comfortable trying to kick it. Botched arrow trick is perfect on play before half. Fumble, although it was 1 (thanks for the correction) but felt like 5 when it happened, came with RB in good and killed a good drive. Scott Case INT just proved it wasn't meant to be and summed up the game entirely. It just threw salt in the wounds. Be it as it may, the luck was one sided and having to defend 4, 5 or 6 turnovers was a huge factor in the game. The percentages are what they are. The chips fell the other way, unfairly in my eyes but we all have our opinions.
  20. It was unfortunate. Tough to play through that many TO's. Kudos to the winner, he play well throughout the event.
  21. Well, when your opponent far throws into coverage over 50% of the time and suffers no consequences while you on the other hand do so a hand full of times get picked with your QB in good condition along with your RB fumbling twice while in good condition as well.....You'd be a bit salty too. I had defensive stops, (opponent had 1 "user" INT) try turning the ball over 6 times and see how many points you give up. I gave up 10 points on 6 turnovers with NO fumbles or INTs. But you missed the point entirely. Tecmo assisted with the win which created an advantage for one player and the outcome was what it was. PS, You obviously don't know the difference between luck and skill.
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