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  1. suicideking81

    Phoenix, AZ - 8/11/2018 - Tecmo Phoenix

    Will there be a Chino Pino sighting as well???
  2. suicideking81

    Irving, TX - July 28, 2018 - Tecmo Dallas

    @HalHawkins Link for registration sends who ever clicks on it back to this thread. It does not send them to Tecmo Dallas registration site.
  3. suicideking81

    Irving, TX - July 28, 2018 - Tecmo Dallas

    As I've stated in my previous posts here. I am attending this event. Hal and his Retro World Series/Tecmo Tour crew do an excellent job in not only Tecmo events but the other retro events as well. If you're in or near the area you should definitely check out this event amongst the other.
  4. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    I'm sure this thread has gotten alot of exposure but it was for all the wrong reasons. Can it be pinned now or is it still in the limbo type situation? But I'm not sure if it make a difference now though given the negative comments early in the thread
  5. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Getting a first hand account from Dave along with any notification would go a long way in resolving this issue. Yet he's remained silent on this matter. Has Dave provided any email or anything from FB saying his page was taken down and by whom? Selfishly I just want this to end because no matter how this plays out both parties (You/Dave and Hal) will have had irreversible damage done to your reputations and one party in particular may have been accused for false information.
  6. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    You're essentially telling people not to attend by saying "if I lived in Dallas I wouldn't attend" You're making it seem like Hal stole this event from Dave. The email posted by Hal shows a date of late June when LPGE made the decision to have Hal do the event. I'm assuming they waited til a month before the event to make the change because they were waiting on Dave to make a decision, which I assume he decided not to or just never responded to doing the event. So in my opinion (which isnt worth much) no one can fault Hal for jumping on the opportunity when asked seeing how he is looking to get more exposure for the Tecmo Tour. Now let's get all the facts in order, which probably should have been done before all these post happened, then go from there. Peace, Love and Long Live Tecmo
  7. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Dont get me wrong. I love Tecmo but not at the expense of being dragged through the mud like what's happening to Hal and his business. I thought this community was better than this......
  8. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    So there's a conspiracy now? If this proves to be the case, wont it be too late to undo potential damages/negative "publicity" to the event and Retro World Series? A guy in your position can essentially make or break a potential Tecmo event with the platform you've provided here.
  9. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    If the FB page was taken down there should be some sort of notification via FB. Can a screenshot be posted of this notification?
  10. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Do we know for 100% certainty that this was ripped from Dave's hands with him having the intent to put on Tecmo Dallas? With Dave publicly stating a little while back that he's taking a break from Tecmo and hinted at maybe Madison will take a hiatus along with the evidence provided in the above post (email from LPGE to Dave and Hal) it seems as though Dave didn't have the intent to do Tecmo Dallas. Did Dave say yes to doing the event? Did Dave say no? Did Dave just never respond to being asked? Was LPGE supposed to not ask Hal to do the event? At the end of the day its their expo and can choose who ever they want to do this event. As of now there is only 1 person (Hal Hawkins) that is directly connected to this whole situation that has commented here to provide facts/evidence that he has done nothing wrong and to defend/protect his business nameDave has not responded to any of it himself. Maybe the LPGE staff can elaborate as well. I just can't believe this event is being bashed for what appears to be no wrong doing
  11. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Since when do guys have territorial rights to do Tecmo events? I wouldn't expect anyone wanting to do a Tecmo event in southern Louisiana to ask my approval. I dont own territorial rights to any region/city. And to be fair, I'm sure Hal wouldn't be doing Tecmo Dallas unless LPGE gave approval because I'm sure Dave was their first choice. But LPGE made the right call in having someone step in and do the event instead of have it not happen at all. I'm just starting to get the sense that guys are feeling threatened by the Tecmo Tour for whatever reason. I've seen many issues happen in Tecmo for various reasons (I've been part of some) but this is a low point and I'm saddened at where this negativity has come from.
  12. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    After reading what's been posted it seems that all the facts weren't checked and only one side of this was taken into account. This appears to be malicious attempt to hurt the Tecmo Tour and the Retro World Series brand. I never thought I'd see this happen to anyone trying to organize a Tecmo event.
  13. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Well, I'm attending. Hal and the Retro World Series crew do a great job with the Tecmo events as well as all the other retro gaming tournaments. I highly recommend this event and any others that are partvif the Tecmo Tour
  14. suicideking81

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Was Dave planning on doing Tecmo Dallas?
  15. suicideking81

    Oaks, PA - 6/23/2018 - Tecmo Philly

    @HalHawkins does a great job with the event!!! @MattyD The championship trophy looks amazing, pictures don't do it justice.