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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to kamphuna8 in 1997 MVPs - Vote   
    I went with Most Valuable as in, you take him off the team and what do you have. Garrison left it all out on the field. 277 carries???
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo got a reaction from kamphuna8 in HSTL G League Waiting List   
    Thank you for your interest in joining HSTL ... The Best Damn League(s) in the Land!

    STEP ONE: (Questionnaire - Please copy and paste into a new post on this thread)
    Discord: Nickname (if applicable): Availability: Can you host?: List 4 Team Preferences: What's your location/timezone?: Why do you want to join HSTL?:  
    NOTE: All HSTL D League entrants are now coming from G League. You must be promoted from G League to get into D League and promoted from D League to get into HSTL.
    Wait and watch as you move up the Priority Entrants list. Please feel free to read and even post in our forum. Your participation is appreciated and encouraged!  
    HSTL G League Priority Entrants:
    PunkQB - IN Segathonsov - IN PaskDaYooper - IN Toolie - IN TheNicolino - IN JBrooks - IN Alpha TD - IN TimPapi - IN YungTel - IN Fox - IN WheelsNL - IN FastEd - IN EddieZ - IN Noonan - IN fulltimeslacker - IN Neerrm - IN birdhas_uwl - IN nostradamus - IN Hardy Nickerson - IN wtg2320 - IN Tecmo DPS - IN XtraLargent - IN CapBoso - IN SlapshotSean - IN Cubsfan - IN Twister - IN Darth Rockman - IN DJ Gatorshark - IN _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    PLEASE NOTE: This is the High Speed Tecmo League, High Speed Tecmo D League and High Speed Tecmo G League. We usually release 4-6 roms per week and carry strict deadlines to meet this pace. On average, we start a new season every 2 months. Due to this, we ensure we always have the most dedicated owners to support our wonderful, fast-paced leagues. We sometimes go faster (pandemic) and sometimes go slower (summer.) Thanks for your interest and good luck the rest of the way!
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to tecmobo in HSTL S46 Draft   
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo got a reaction from drake in Skipped & Auto-Pick Policy   
    Basically, eat dicks. 
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to player121xk in HSTL S46 Draft   
    I was talked off the Elway ledge here. Give me Peete, I guess.
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to segathonsov in S46 Draft Big Board - Value Tandems!   
    The Draft was always my favorite part of HSTL. 
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to tadaos in S46 Draft Big Board - Value Tandems!   
    Big Board Part 2:
    This list is MUCH smaller compared to the RB/DB list as the WR/LB value tandems just aren't there.  My prediction is we will sees tandems on this list going in the mid-late 1st round through the 3rd round.  However there are a TON of individual players that will get drafted in the later rounds.  Check it:
    Wide Receiver POS OG Team RS MS HP BC REC MS + REC     Linebacker POS OG Team RS RP MS HP INT RP + HP + INT TAKEN Henry Ellard WR1 RAM 44 56 13 50 81 165     Kevin Greene LB4 RAM 38 50 56 69 19 138 0 Jerry Rice WR2 SF 44 69 13 81 81 184.5     Matt Millen LB3 SF 25 38 50 63 19 120 0 Haywood Jeffries WR1 HOU 38 50 13 81 75 150     Ray Childress LB4 HOU 38 50 56 63 19 132 0 Stephone Paige WR2 KC 38 50 13 50 75 150     Percy Snow LB3 KC 38 50 56 56 31 137 0 John Taylor WR1 SF 38 50 13 63 69 144     Charles Haley LB4 SF 38 50 56 63 19 132 0 Andre Reed WR2 BUF 25 56 13 56 69 153     Shane Conlan LB3 BUF 31 44 50 56 19 119 0 Mark Duper WR2 MIA 38 50 13 50 63 138     John Offerdahl LB3 MIA 38 50 56 44 31 125 0 Andre Rison WR2 ATL 44 63 13 50 75 169.5     Jessie Tuggle LB3 ATL 25 38 44 38 19 95 0 Drew Hill WR2 HOU 44 63 13 81 75 169.5     John Grimsley LB3 HOU 25 31 38 31 19 81 0 Ernest Givins WR3 HOU 44 56 13 81 75 159     Al Smith LB2 HOU 25 38 44 38 19 95 0 Willie Anderson WR2 RAM 44 56 13 50 75 159     Frank Stams LB3 RAM 25 31 38 31 19 81 0 Anthony Carter WR2 MIN 44 56 13 50 75 159     Scott Studwell LB3 MIN 25 31 31 31 19 81 0 Stephen Baker WR2 NYG 44 56 13 69 56 140     Gary Reasons LB3 NYG 25 38 44 38 63 139 0 Mark Ingram WR1 NYG 44 56 13 63 50 134     Carl Banks LB4 NYG 38 44 50 63 19 126 0 Odessa Turner WR4 NYG 25 25 13 50 44 81.5     Lawrence Taylor LB1 NYG 44 56 69 75 31 162 0 Emile Harry WR4 KC 25 25 13 50 50 87.5     Derrick Thomas LB1 KC 44 56 63 69 19 144 0 James Lofton WR1 BUF 25 38 13 50 56 113     C. Bennett LB4 BUF 38 50 63 63 19 132 0 Vance Johnson WR1 DEN 38 50 13 50 56 131     Simon Fletcher LB4 DEN 38 50 56 38 19 107 0 Robert Clark WR2 DET 38 44 13 50 69 135     Chris Spielman LB3 DET 31 44 50 56 19 119 0 Anthony Miller WR2 SD 38 44 13 50 69 135     Gary Plummer LB3 SD 25 38 44 69 19 126 0                                       0
    Notable Individual players that will go in the later rounds due to shitty tandem partners:
    Mervyn Fernandez WR1 RAI 38 50 13 63 63 138 Willie Gault WR2 RAI 44 63 13 50 56 150.5 Tim Brown WR3 RAI 44 56 13 50 50 134 Sam Graddy WR4 RAI 44 63 13 50 19 113.5
    Sterling Sharpe WR1 GB 38 50 13 50 75 150
    Gary Clark WR2 WAS 38 50 13 81 75 150 Ricky Sanders WR3 WAS 44 56 13 81 56 140 Mark Jackson WR2 DEN 38 44 13 50 69 135
    Mark Clayton WR1 MIA 31 44 13 50 69 135 Al Toon WR1 NYJ 31 44 13 50 69 135 Curtis Duncan WR4 HOU 38 50 13 81 63 138 Mark Carrier WR1 TB 38 44 13 50 63 129 Shawn Collins WR4 ATL 44 50 13 50 50 125  
    Mike Singletary LB3 CHI 38 50 56 75 19 144
    Dennis Byrd LB2 NYJ 38 50 56 69 25 144 Jerome Brown LB2 PHI 38 50 56 69 19 138 Keith Millard LB2 MIN 38 50 56 69 19 138 Greg Lloyd LB1 PIT 38 50 56 63 31 144 Leslie Oneal LB1 SD 38 50 56 63 19 132 Michael Cofer LB1 DET 38 50 56 50 31 131 Tim Harris LB1 GB 38 50 56 50 19 119 Pepper Johnson LB2 NYG 38 44 56 69 31 144 Ken Harvey LB1 PHX 31 44 56 63 19 126 David Little LB2 PIT 38 44 56 50 31 125 James Francis LB1 CIN 31 44 50 69 19 132 Mike Johnson LB3 CLE 31 44 50 69 19 132 Vaughan Johnson LB2 NO 31 44 50 63 19 126 Pat Swilling LB1 NO 31 44 50 63 19 126 Kyle Clifton LB3 NYJ 31 44 50 50 50 144 M. Merriweather LB1 MIN 31 44 50 56 44 144 Darryl Talley LB1 BUF 31 44 50 38 44 126 Eugene Lockhart LB2 DAL 31 44 50 56 19 119 Karl Mecklenburg LB1 DEN 31 44 50 56 19 119  
    Certain WRs are game breakers and are worthy of this list because of the individual talents (Rice, Rison,  Hill, Givins, Anderson, Carter)
    Certain LBs can almost play one man defense (LT and DT).
    Talk amongst yourselves!
    HSTL S46 Draft1.xlsx
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to tadaos in S46 Draft Big Board - Value Tandems!   
    It's that time of year again where the playoffs drag on and the rest of us are looking forward to the draft.  This season we're back to a less extreme format which will allow us (well most of us anyways) to have more draft flexibility to build our teams to our liking.  That being said I've decided to create a fantasy style "Big Board" for the new tandems to be argued ad nauseum until we actually start drafting.  This is a 3 part project consisting of: 
    Part 1) RB/DB tandem value rankings 
    Part 2) WR/LB tandem value rankings
    Part 3) Overall rankings of all the players/tandems
    Please keep in mind I am NOT going to go over every single player or tandem as they tend to fall off a cliff at some point nor am I going to explain every single selection.  Without further ado here is Tadaos' Big Board Part 1:  RB/DB Tandems!
    Top Value Tandems RB/DB                                       Running Back POS OG Team RS MS HP BC REC     Defensive Back POS OG Team RS RP MS HP INT RP + HP + INT TAKEN James Brooks RB1 CIN 38 56 31 50 38     David Fulcher DB4 CIN 44 56 69 75 69 200 0 Neal Anderson RB2 CHI 50 63 50 50 50     Mark Carrier DB3 CHI 38 44 56 50 81 175 0 Barry Sanders RB1 DET 38 69 25 69 44     William White DB4 DET 38 44 56 56 56 156 0 Bo Jackson RB1 RAI 38 75 31 81 19     Mike Harden DB4 RAI 25 31 44 50 50 131 0 Johnny Bailey RB4 CHI 38 56 25 50 38     Lemuel Stinson DB1 CHI 38 44 56 50 69 163 0 Roger Craig RB1 SF 38 50 25 50 44     Dave Waymer DB4 SF 38 50 63 50 69 169 0 John Harvey RB4 TB 38 38 25 50 25     Wayne Haddix DB1 TB 44 56 75 44 75 175 0 Richard Bell RB4 PIT 38 31 19 81 25     Rod Woodson DB1 PIT 44 56 75 69 63 188 0 Marcus Allen RB2 RAI 38 56 25 50 31     Eddie Anderson DB3 RAI 38 50 63 69 50 169 0 Bobby Humphrey RB1 DEN 38 63 38 50 38     Dennis Smith DB4 DEN 38 44 56 50 44 138 0 Tracy Johnson RB4 ATL 38 31 50 50 25     Deion Sanders DB1 ATL 44 56 75 56 56 168 0 Herschel Walker RB1 MIN 38 44 63 50 44     Joey Browner DB4 MIN 38 50 63 56 69 175 0 Kelvin Bryant RB3 WAS 38 44 19 81 38     Martin Mayhew DB2 WAS 38 50 63 31 69 150 0 Doug Lloyd RB4 HOU 38 38 25 81 25     Richard Johnson DB1 HOU 38 50 63 44 75 169 0 Thurman Thomas RB1 BUF 38 63 25 75 50     Leonard Smith DB4 BUF 31 38 50 44 44 126 0 Marion Butts RB1 SD 38 63 38 50 25     Martin Bayless DB4 SD 25 31 44 56 44 131 0 Joe Caravello RB3 SD 38 25 44 50 25     Gill Byrd DB2 SD 38 50 63 50 69 169 0 Mel Gray RB3 DET 38 56 19 50 50     Ray Crockett DB2 DET 31 38 50 50 50 138 0 Johnny Johnson RB1 PHX 38 50 38 50 38     Tim Mcdonald DB4 PHX 38 44 56 56 56 156 0 Emmitt Smith RB1 DAL 38 56 31 50 38     James Washington DB4 DAL 31 38 50 50 50 138 0 David Meggett RB2 NYG 38 56 19 75 50     Myron Guyton DB3 NYG 31 38 50 56 44 138 0 Ron Wolfley RB2 PHX 38 38 38 50 25     Lonnie Young DB3 PHX 69 31 44 44 56 131 0 Tom Rathman RB2 SF 44 25 94 50 56     Ronnie Lott DB3 SF 44 56 69 69 50 175 0 Brian Mitchell RB4 WAS 38 38 31 81 25     Darrell Green DB1 WAS 44 56 75 44 44 144 0 Freeman Mcneil RB2 NYJ 38 38 19 50 25     Erik McMillan DB3 NYJ 38 44 56 56 63 163 0 Rodney Hampton RB4 NYG 38 31 38 63 38     Everson Walls DB1 NYG 38 44 56 31 63 138 0 George Adams RB3 NE 38 31 31 50 25     Ronnie Lippett DB2 NE 38 44 56 50 63 157 0 Ottis Anderson RB1 NYG 56 50 88 75 31     Greg Jackson DB4 NYG 31 38 50 56 56 150 0 Jessie Clark RB3 MIN 38 31 31 50 25     Carl Lee DB2 MIN 38 50 63 56 50 156 0 Christian Okoye RB1 KC 63 50 94 50 19     Kevin Porter DB4 KC 25 31 44 38 38 107 0 Sammie Smith RB1 MIA 44 38 63 50 25     Jarvis Williams DB4 MIA 38 44 56 56 56 156 0 Tony Paige RB2 MIA 44 31 88 50 44     Louis Oliver DB3 MIA 38 44 56 56 56 156 0 Robert Drummond RB4 PHI 38 38 31 50 25     Eric Allen DB1 PHI 38 50 44 50 50 150 0 Gary Anderson RB1 TB 38 50 25 50 50     Mark Robinson DB4 TB 31 38 50 50 56 144 0 Cleveland Gary RB1 RAM 38 50 38 38 38     Vince Newsome DB4 RAM 31 38 50 31 56 125 0 Earnest Byner RB1 WAS 38 50 25 81 38     Alvin Walton DB4 WAS 25 31 44 31 44 106 0  
    Although it was meant to rank the top tandems for value keep in mind that certain players by themselves outweigh other tandems due to the severe impact they have on the team.  Examples include Bo Jackson (game breaker) and Wayne Haddix, Rod Woodson, Deon Sanders (one man defenses) which I value higher than a "value" tandem.
    HSTL S46 Draft1.xlsx
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to JimSocks13 in Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018   
    There is a good crew from southeastern Ohio coming. Good as in good time, not sure about the Tecmo skill, unfortunately I will also be out of the continental U.S. that weekend which is a bummer. But I am going to give someone going some money and have them pick me up a tee shirt, size XXL. Will def make it in 2019 if not on vacation!
    Last year was a blast, Tom goes above and beyond for this tournament. Still one of the best after tourney times I've had. Playing Sega/SNES at the 16 bit bar with the whole bar chanting to Family Feud. Then spending $18 on gas station food and watching @red98sethuthut destroy a gas station burrito...good times.
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to red98sethuthut in Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018   
    Don't recall dat burrito. all I remeber was my wrists were killing me playing 4man Tennage mutant ninja turtles at the beercade w/ u @OL' Dirty Tecmo and @Woodshed 
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to hoffnasty9 in HSTL S45: Schedules, Deadlines and Consequences   
    "GAMES PLAYED" DEADLINE: 6 Games In by 9 AM Tuesday, June 19
    Eifer Stalltalk Rockman HughMillen Bighock  

    Jesus Dolo Randywags RMM Prime  
    NEXT "GAMES PLAYED" DEADLINE: 9 Games In by 9 AM Tuesday, June 26
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to randywags25 in HSTL S46 Draft Format Ideas   
    If everybody does this the way it should be done, I think it could be a pretty interesting idea.  You don't draft your own team, but instead are given a "rival's" team to draft.  So what it comes down to is you trying to draft the worst team possible for them to use.  Instead of QB Eagles going first, you'd have the CHI QBs, or the TB Oline, or whoever, you get the drift.  If you're "rival" is a good runner, draft them the worst RBs.  If your rival loves to back and B, get them the slowest WRs.  It's a crazy idea, but i think it would help improve everyone's game and would make for some great conversations.  And it's a great way to piss people off while playing within the rules 
    Edit:  oh, and we could still use any draft format, so we could go with TecmoBo's, or any other that we've done before.  
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to tecmobo in HSTL S46 Draft Format Ideas   
    I think this year's format was a rousing success. QB Eagles not going #1 and a mental breakdown is pretty hard to beat!
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to discdolo in HSTL S45 Draft   
    Saints DL
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo got a reaction from rmm1976 in HSTL S45 Draft   
    Can't pass up on Bob Nelson here. Fuck off Ken Harvey bring on the Marve!
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to War Machine in HSTL S45 Draft   
    Everyone ahead has DBs give me SEA DBs
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to drake in HSTL S45 Draft   
    RAMS -> Bills WR
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo got a reaction from Tundrayeti311 in HSTL S45 Draft   
    Sorry for the delay... I'll take Rice & Taylor
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to GameHigh in HSTL S45 Draft   
    Chicago RBs
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to War Machine in HSTL S45 Round 0   
    ODT- 23
    War- 24
    Gats- 25
    Ziur- 26
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to tadaos in Season 44 Preview!   
    AFC West
    Denver Broncos
    Owner: Randywags
    Record: 9-7
    Randywags heads to the west coast to GM the Broncos this season.  At a glance he seems to have the most balanced team on paper I've reviewed so far.  QB Ken O'Brien has a couple of weapons at his disposal, mainly WR Haywood Jeffries and RB Dalton Hilliard.  Randy definitely had some good value picks to really give his team playmakers on both sides of the ball.  Johnson/Jeffries and Hilliard/Johnson brought him enough on both sides to have a lot of draft flexibility.  Muster will do double duty at KR but the $60,000 question is will be play TE or move out to WR?  JJ Birden is meh but at least he's not 25ms.
    Dent, Armstrong, and the Fridge anchor the DL that will give OLs with 38 or 44 hp guys some major issues.  The rest of the defense is a tire fire except for RJ who is very effective on the OG Rom because he has Childress at LB4 to shut down the runs that blow up DB1.  Unfortunately Vaughn Johnson doesn't have the wheels to fill that role.  The other DBs are slow but at least they're all 50 INT to break up some passes and get a surprise pick once in a while.  I think this defense will get knocked around by some of the power running teams in this division like KC, RAI, & SEA.  It's tough to pick anyone other than Gats to win this division but Denver will definitely compete and will be on the playoff bubble.  GL!
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Owner: Joeygats
    Record: 10-5-1
    The gatsman found himself in a divisional war with division champ Zuir last season and ultimately came up one game short of taking the division crown.  Gats challenged himself last season to try to win it all with Mike Elkins and an unspeakable backup QB.  It's a testament to his skill level that he made it to the playoffs before being knocked out by TecmoBo and the magical Gary Reasons.  Joey has gone all in on the power running game and has an offense that mimics the OG Rom Bears.  Fourcade at QB is an upgrade of Tomzak but the problem is Neal Anderson is still the best RB or WR on the team.  Unless gats is planning on lining neal up at WR and playing conditions with 2 44ms backups, this passing attack is pretty god awful.  Neal will open things up and gats is more than capable of finding the open man on every play but needs to be careful against the elite DBs of the world.

    The defense is Deon, Wet Percy and a giant dumpster fire.  DBs Waters and Cecil are HUGE liabilities on defense and will be the equivalent of yellow practice cones.  Percy is useful but what will he be able to do by himself in the linebacker position?  DL avg speed is 31ms.  LB avg speed is 42.5ms and it's only that high because of Snow.  DB avg speed is also 42.5ms including Deon.  Avg team speed is 39.45ms including Deon and Snow, not including those two it's 33.66ms.  Conclusion?  Deon is the whole team, and if you can get by him in the running game it's going to be 6.  This team will not stop the power running game and it will not stop good QB/WR combos.  But gats is the man until proven other wise so I'll pick him to win the division.
    San Diego Chargers
    Owner: Gamehigh
    Record: 2-14
    Gamehigh was in the basement last season but every season hope springs eternal.  SD has the best QB in the division in Jim Kelly and also has a couple of nice targets in Eric Martin and Stephone Paige.  These combos will feast on a lot of bad secondaries this season.  Carter will start at RB and will play the condition game with Doug Lloyd and try to keep the defenses from calling pass.  Jim Kelly has Thurman Thomas and an elite OL in the OG Rom... here his running game is significantly reduced and his OL is awful.  IF Carter can get some blocking and IF Kelly has time they can be effective.  I see a lot of tackles in the backfield, sacks, and CCs in his future.
    I like the LB tandem of Millen and Childress who will do some work stopping the running game.  White is the best DB who can be MAN'd or possible have Millen/Childress drop back into coverage.  The good news is that there are no awful DBs.  Lewis is solid and Cook/Prior are a tad slow but at least are not horrifyingly bad.  This team's success will ride on Kelly's arm and Kelly is worth at least 5 wins...the rest is up to Gamehigh.  If all else fails just bomb it to Paige.  GL!
    Seattle Seahawks
    Owner: Drake
    Record: 7-9
    Whenever the draft is over there is always a team that when you look at them you start to say, "wow how did he manage to put that together?" and when I say that it's in the very good way.  RB Butts is the heart and soul of the offense but what I like is Drake trying to mimic the OG Raiders offense.  Yeah Butts is not Jackson but who is?  Schroeder has the speedy Gault and sure handed John Taylor to make you pay for picking run defense.  Unlike the OG Raiders, this team has a very weak OL.  Butts is going to need to do a lot of dancing to get past the line of scrimmage.  Another issue that the OG Raiders always have is Schroeder's accuracy issues, drops, and easy jump picks by mediocre DBs.  He better make it work because you don't want McMahon coming off the bench!
    This defense however is what I am talking about!  What a great collection of speed all over the defense.  8 of 11 defenders are at least 50ms and 5 of them are 56ms.  This is one of the fastest defenses in the league and the dronez will be swarming!  The front 7 is amazing with LB's O'Neal, Offerdahl, and Lockhart will be beasts in stopping the run.  McDonald is the best DB to MAN but McDaniel can be utilized on certain plays.  The INT ratings aren't high so I don't expect many turnovers but they will swarm and make tackles.  Offerdahl can take his 31in and play the nickel position for added pass defense if needed.  There is no substitute for speed in this game and there is plenty of it on this defense.  Breaking away with a RB or WR is going to be tough.  Well done drake!  I see good things for this team and I expect them to challenge for the division and make the playoffs.  GL!
    Los Angeles Raiders
    Owner: tadaos
    Record: 10-6
    New division for me after coming off the RiceKreig season I look forward to playing my new division mates!  It's always hard rating your own team because you always think you made the right choice at every stage of the draft.  I'll try to be objective but I truly like the team I've put together this season.  RB Johny Bailey will be carrying the load this season behind an elite OL and FB Ironhead Heyward that will open up some holes.  I modeled this offense after the SD OG Rom team with a fast RB to open it up for BJs 81ps.  Bailiey is not quite what Butts is but he's close enough.  WR Mark Carrier was an extra added bonus in picking up Wayne Haddix in round 1 and combined with Eddie Brown they can haul in the lazer beams (PEW PEW PEW!) without (hopefully) too many drops.  Obviously Tolliver doesn't win games by himself and is a pick waiting to happen if he doesn't execute.  TE Holohan is slow as molasses but I've never throw to the TEs deep much so as long as he can catch the damn ball I'm happy with that.  I might have picked up an decent DL this draft if I wasn't forced to pick an OL so god damn early.  God I HATE YOU PEOPLE SOMETIMES!
    Swilling at LB1, Singletary at LB4, good luck running the ball.  Bad OL at OL4?  Oops too bad.  Fastest OL at OL5?  I hope he has more than 50hp.  Haddix of course is the beast on this defense and will cover the whole field.  Bussey and Newsome are good drones, the only really bad spot in the secondary is Billups.  Haddix will have to cover up for his slowness so they will be playing on the same side of the field.  Haddix can JJ pick every QB in my division except for Kelly so I am confident I will get turnovers this season.  All in all I think I'll challenge for the division and make the playoffs.  I welcome your evaluation of my squad as well because as I mentioned before it am a little biased towards my team.  GL!
    That's it for now stay tuned for AFC East later today or tomorrow morning!  Happy Scrims!
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to tadaos in Season 44 Preview!   
    What's up HSTL?  Draft is over, season 43 is winding to a close and it's time to see what season 44 looks like!  Let's break down the divisions and make some bold analysis!  Let's start with the AFC Central!
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Owner: Darth Rockman
    Record: 8-8
    Darth takes over my former squad in what is going to be a very tough division.  TecmoBo and Stall are elite players and the addition of Tundra brings a new dynamic to this group for season 44.  Dan the Man has Givins as his primary go to and will stretch the field with the laser cannon.  WR Michael Irvin will play second fiddle to Givins this year but will get his share of catches as teams double up on Givins.  Woodside is just enough on the ground to keep the defense honest.  Marino will have some problems with a below average line to block for him.  Against some of the better defensive lines and linebackers he'll be getting smashed in the face.  Let's hope Givins can create separation quickly!
    Defensively it will be the Tim Harris show.  Combined with Joyner they should be able to keep the running game in check.  However without any impact defensive backs this team will struggle vs above average QB/WR combos.  This defense will struggle to get stops and turnovers leaving the burden on their star QB to score on every possession.  No one is perfect, mistakes will be made and when they happen this team will lose games.  Love ya Darthy but I don't predict much different than last season's 8-8 talley.  Prove me wrong and GL!
    Cleveland Browns
    Owner: TecmoBo
    Record: 11-5
    Bo had his playoff dreams cut short by the Warren Moon led Oilers this past season.  Bo has managed to recreate the OG Rom Broncos offense with a small downgrade in MeggeTRON but speed upgrades in Ingram and Reed.  Factor in a decent OL Elway will have plenty of time to scramble and make plays.  The return game will do well with a 50ms OL but they lack that 88/94 HP returner to maximize it.  This offense will move the ball barring errant throws by Elway or forgetting that 50int will JJ pick him in regular conditions.
    The defense has a couple of bright spots but overall will struggle stopping other good offenses.  Sneakily the DL, which may not be fast, is anchored by two 69HP guys.  Against weak OLs they will make it much harder to run the ball and also put constant pressure on opposing QBs to force throws.  Pepper Johnson at LB4 will stop all the power running shenanigans and not MANable but impactful LB Gary Plummer 44/69 at the LB1 spot will take advantage of other owners "hiding" their weak OL4.  Don't be surprised to see these guys in the backfield every play against average or weak OL combos.  In the secondary Everson Walls will try and cover the whole field because his supporting cast is both slow and lacking INT power.  In my experience guys like Walls are just slow enough to let up big plays but in the right spot at the right time can make a difference.  If Bo can predict that hot route or sense the QB being pressured by his DL he can cheat short and get picks.  We'll see what happens but I predict Bo will challenge once again for the division, at least a wildcard spot.  GL!
    Houston Oilers
    Owner:  Stalltak
    Record: 13-3
    Stall owned the AFC last season (with the minor exception of the Bengals) and is super bowl bound.  GL in the big game!  He wasted no time this draft securing a high powered passing attack with QB Jim Everett, WRs A-CART and Curtis Duncan, and possession wide out Richard Johnson.  Getting stops against this squad will be few and far between so be prepared to match score for score if you want to have a chance.  RB Herschel Walker will keep you from exclusively calling pass on defense and can haul it in outside the backfield.
    The defense is on the other hand... DL is trash, LBs Merriweather and Reasons have some INT but are slow, and Carl Lee has no supporting cast in the secondary.  Unless Stall is planning on manning Reasons all season I don't see them stopping anyone.  Even if he MANs Reasons I still don't see them making stops.  That being said Stall is an elite player so I have faith that he will somehow make this work and sit atop the division once again.  GL!
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Owner: Tundrayeti
    Record: 2-14
    Like Darth, Tundra is a new face in this monster division and will have his work cut out for him.  I kind of feel that this team started off with a monster value pick of Barry and Cofer but then stumbled down a dark tunnel and couldn't figure out what it wanted to do.  QB Dave Kreig is a finicky animal but he has Barry to take the pressure off the passing game.  I have a feeling it will be pound pound pound with Barry and then chuck and duck to Clayton on the deep routes.  This can be effective when executed properly but can it be pulled off?  Metcalf at WR2 will be a nuisance to deal with defensively on those R3 sweeps.  That said, this team goes as Barry goes.  He's a home run hitter and he will not be denied.
    This defense has a ton gaping black holes, most notably in the defensive backfield.  Lott is a stud and he will cover up some of the warts but the rest of them are pretty shitty.  Lott leads them with 50INT and that's all you need to know.  Division rivals HOU and CIN are going to chomp at the bit tearing up this secondary.  LB Mike Cofer was a great value add in drafting Sanders but if it were me I would have procured another LB to help stop the running game in lieu of taking Dave Kreig.  He's the only usable LB and will be limited on what he can contribute.  Barry is worth 5 wins the rest is up to Tundra.  GL!
    Coming soon...AFC West stay tuned!  Also if anyone wants to tackle the NFC that makes my job easier!
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to oklahoma in HSTL S44 Draft   
    I'll take Bubby Brister
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to oklahoma in HSTL S44 Draft   
    Looks like I can pick Jamie Mueller and Ray Bently  
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to bighock4you18 in HSTL S44 Draft   
    Seattle DLine and Jacob Green
    I now have completed the Green D, a controllable Green at every position 
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