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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to bruddog for a file, TPC_TSB_tapmeter_madison_matches_v3   
    Not sure what match to call for practice. Or just want to have a random (fairish) match created? This is the rom for you. 
    This will randomly pick a match from a set of 64 matches 

    .DB IND, N.E        
    .DB N.E, SEA         
    .DB CLE, G.B         
    .DB CLE, SEA         
    .DB CLE, PHX        
    .DB PHX, NYJ        
    .DB PHX, DAL        
    .DB PHX, PIT        
    .DB DAL, NYJ         
    .DB ATL, PHX        
    .DB ATL, DAL        
    .DB ATL, DEN         
    .DB ATL, N.O        
    .DB N.O, PHX         
    .DB N.O, G.B       
    .DB N.O, DEN        
    .DB N.O, NYJ
    .DB DAL, PIT        
    .DB PIT, N.O
    .DB PIT, NYJ         
    .DB PIT, S.D       
    .DB PIT, T.B 
    .DB PIT, DEN       
    .DB S.D, DEN        
    .DB S.D, WAS        
    .DB S.D, K.C
    .DB S.D, T.B        
    .DB RAMS, S.D       
    .DB RAMS, T.B        
    .DB DET, S.D         
    .DB DET, CIN
    .DB T.B, ATL         
    .DB T.B, WAS        
    .DB MIN, DET         
    .DB MIN, WAS         
    .DB MIN, RAMS        
    .DB MIN, MIA         
    .DB MIN, CIN        
    .DB MIN, T.B         
    .DB MIA, RAMS        
    .DB MIA, CIN         
    .DB MIA, DET         
    .DB CIN, T.B        
    .DB CIN, CHI         
    .DB CIN, DEN        
    .DB CIN, S.D         
    .DB CIN, RAMS        
    .DB CIN, K.C        
    .DB CHI, RAI        
    .DB CHI, MIA
    .DB CHI, PHI        
    .DB CHI, K.C         
    .DB CHI, S.D
    .DB PHI, NYG        
    .DB K.C, RAI         
    .DB K.C, MIA        
    .DB RAI, MIA        
    .DB RAI, NYG         
    .DB RAI, PHI
    .DB NYG, RAI
    .DB NYG, BUF         
    .DB BUF, HOU
    .DB S.F, HOU         
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo reacted to Baron von Lector for a file, Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold   
    This is Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold.
    I started working on this Legends-themed ROM back in March.  I delayed the release of this ROM for the simple fact that around the time of the originally planned debut, a glut of other "Legends" ROMs burst onto the scene as well.  So as not to (a) get lost in the shuffle or (b) take away from the spotlight of other modders, I pulled my work.
    This delay allowed me to fine-tune this ROM into what I would consider the "gold-standard" of Legends edits (hence, the "Gold" title) previously established by my past Convergence ROMs.
    Each team is comprised of the greatest players in franchise history, whether it's based on talent, records, or the impact they left on the team (Players like Tim Tebow and Kordell Stewart are included for the latter reasons).  In addition to the team rosters, the All-Pro rosters have been edited to contain the greatest players in the history of the National Football League.
    I've combed over this ROM obsessively.  If there are any errors, please let me know.
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