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  1. 3.28 - Robert Clark / Chris Spielman 4.1 - Manny Hendrix / Perryman
  2. 1.28 - Mel Gray and Ray Crockett 2.1 - QB Boomur
  3. Can't pass up on Bob Nelson here. Fuck off Ken Harvey bring on the Marve!
  4. Everyone has QB ahead of me PHX QBs
  5. Sorry for the delay... I'll take Rice & Taylor
  6. My last 3 games are 2 with gamehigh and 1 with rockman. The gamehigh game is from week 1.
  7. Wyman and Jones RB/LB 3 SEA Doc had Riggs at RB3 but he's in fact RB2. Thanks
  8. Everyone in front has RB2 so I'll take the General Riggs and MANusky. I'm getting too old for this shit.
  9. Bill Brooks is gonna follow me to Indy while taking a huge demotion to WR#2. Welcome back B.B. Oh and Eugene Daniel too, FML.
  10. Eifer and Bo have DL so I'll take SD DL, thanks.
  11. Hi guys! I don't recall a start over plan but it very well may have been in the "what if" scenario. I do remember wanting to get the data of salary after a few seasons to both measure team progressions and cost of positions relative to one another. I see some top teams are nearly doubling the couple small teams, but for the most part the league is pretty close. It really just comes down to owner retention. If the bottom teams are a revolving door that's frustrating for mods, owners, and franchises. If not, no problem. It almost seems a salary minimum is needed more than a cap at the moment but that could change. I've not looked at historical salaries just this year's snapshot. Depending on how the cap is implemented, if those dollars can move to bottom teams it would help competitiveness in the league. I measure this on par with the changes in tandems in HSTL to help spread players throughout the draft instead of always getting Waymer and Lott. Anyway, that's my 2 cents, fwiw. Good luck!! #robinhoodtecmo lol
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