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  1. Good evening.  I just discovered that you can play Tecmo online.  I am 44 and played all the time as a teenager and a man my early 20's with my friends and my Brothers. I got on a site where you can play against the computer and now my son and nephews 9 & 11 are addicted.  You look like you are in the know about Tecmo online.  Is there a way that I can set up a Season with my Brothers, Son, and Nephews online that we can save and play once or twice a week?


    Thanks for your time.

  2. hey man, we play in the thunderdome. Lmk when you're available.

    1. OL' Dirty Tecmo

      OL' Dirty Tecmo

      Hey man I'm available anytime tomorrow and most nights after 8pm if scheduled. Thanks!

    2. OL' Dirty Tecmo
    3. JEvans87


      I can play after 8 pm tomorrow. Message me at one of the contacts I posted.

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