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  1. Looking forward to it... how many Tecmo enthusiasts are we looking at?
  2. Great times last year Greg and this year will be more greatness. We’re coming with more (6-7 dudes) from the jersey city closet where we train during prep periods; repping a new way of education... true work n play format. Next year our union reps will hopefully be attending the Cup. Props for setting this up again bud!
  3. Looking forward to it. Format sounds interesting, test to the ballers out there. One oddity remains: in such format if one player takes 1 team for the duration, that limits the field to 24 players total. 28 teams - Tier 1 = 24 teams and thus limit to 24 players. This seems strange. Thoughts?
  4. Yo fellas.... (excuse me if there are any ladies on the forum) Just joined the site after discovering... it is glorious indeed. I am in Jersey and looking to get a tournament going maybe in Jersey City or nearby. Just across the river from Manhattan. I have a bunch of guys who will play but looking to open it up to 48 or more. Any help on how to post this to the main site in general or how to create a tournament on the site? I am thinking January/ February. I need to scout a spot out and then open up registration. 1) let me know if interested 2) any help on posting this to the tournament are on the site? Thanks Stu Clutterbuck [email protected]
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