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  1. One question for you, if/when you update the CFL ROM would you be able to add in more CFL All Timers? If I gave you another list of guys to add would you be willing to add them so the other All Star team could be filled out? Might be nice to have Warren Moon and Mervyn Fernandez as a call back to Tecmo Super Bowl and now Grey Cup along with more all time great players.
  2. Were you going to update the rosters and rating before the playoffs?
  3. Thanks for the update....although all of the All Time Roughriders should be rated higher. Lol. Again thanks for the work to add the CFL All Time Greats!
  4. I left you this before on another message so it you want to use this go ahead. I would help you edit this but...I don't quite know how to on a Mac! I tried to have each team have a player at a playable position so people could be a player from their team if they wanted. So that's why a guy like Jerry Campbell, LB, from Ottawa made the team; he does have impressive credentials and his nickname is Soupy so....he had to be one the team. I was going to pick Kelvin Anderson from Stamps at RB but since we don't have a spot for just returners I added Clemons to RB so he could double as a returner. Same with Steinauer; needed an extra Argo to balance out the rosters. Also I tried to have a mix of old school to recent players. Also the OL is just the best players I could find (CFL top 100, Award winners, etc.) so they may not all be at the proper position. Should have 3 Als, 2 Roughriders, 5 Ti Cats, 3 Argos, 3 Riders, 4 Esks, 3 Stamps, 3 Bombers, 4 Lions. So here you go... QB - Doug Flutie - Stamps, Anthony Cavillo, Als. RB - George Reed - Riders, Mike Pringle - Als, Johnny Bright - Esks, Mike "Pinball" Clemons - Argos. WR - Geroy Simon - Lions, Milt Stegall - Bombers, Brian Kelly - Esks, Allen Pitts - Stamps TE - Hal Patterson - Als, Ray Elgaard - Riders C - Dan Ferrone - Argos G - Roger Aldag - Riders, Kaye Vaughn - Ottawa T - Chris Walby - Bombers, John Barrow - Ti Cats DE - James "Quick" Parker - Lions, Joe Monford - Ti Cats NT - Grover Covington - Ti Cats LB - Dan Kepley - Esks, Wayne Harris - Stamps, Willie Pless - Esks, Jerry "Soupy" Campbell - Ottawa CB - Les Browne - Ti Cats, Baron Miles - Lions S - Orlando Steinauer - Argos, Garney Henley - Ti Cats K - Lou Passaglia - Lions P - Bob Cameron - Bombers
  5. Just a couple questions. Have you thought of changing the NFL Pro Bowl roster to CFL all time greats? Just thought if you are making a CFL game might as well make it all CFL. Also are you able to change the plays for the playbooks? Some people have added plays to their NFL updates and some of the plays might be cool to have in your CFL version...like a shovel pass.
  6. The regular version seems like the regular version. Thanks for the update and the hard work!
  7. Don't forget Christian Jones and Marcus Thigpen for Ridets
  8. Did you update all the rosters though? Some of them look like they haven't been updated since before the season started. Also did you change any other settings (i.e. fumbles or interceptions) on the regular version, not the juiced version? It seems like every defender I pick is very slow and every RB is super fast.
  9. Just found this post. I hope you make it cause I will play it. I'd even buy a cart if they sold one....
  10. Did you include the "Rouge"? Gotta have that for a CFL game!
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