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  1. This is comedy gold. However, you can't blame JJ for the ineptitude of the early 90s Cardinals or Jets. Joe Bugel and Rich Kotite? Yeah, enough said there.
  2. Not a bad team. Little light on the backers, but eh, that's what Lonnie and Green are for. Real question is: can he master the 50/44 passer?
  3. I can't believe we're still on this fantasy of Johnny being good..
  4. You got 2! Big, big props to you. Mike Fox is incorrect - Brian Smith is the other. 3 very generic sounding names.
  5. A bunch of us did something like this at Madison. Here's the killer question that stumped everyone. Name the Rams DL. No one could even get one unless we looked it up - even Orenga, Mort, no one.
  6. I could give you two first names spelled incorrectly right off the top of my head. Last names? Heywood Jeffires and.... Greg McMurtry. Had to look at the list and that name on the game didn't sound right.
  7. I'll jump on the wait list now. At this rate, school will be done before a new slot opens up. Coconuts Can host, I think. Don't care what team, I look good in pink or black. Central time Availability: probably evenings/weekends I want to join because I said so. Also - people have been bugging me to get back in. So here I am.
  8. Congrats again @red98sethuthut. Thanks for the props, however I told you all the truth haha. Did not pick up a controller since November.
  9. You mean like how you take pictures with a Madison trophy Gats gave you that you did absolutely nothing to deserve?
  10. I'm honored to be in such company. Thank you sir.
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