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  1. timbone text me when you can play or hit me up on disapp von_dutcharama
  2. (7th round) i'd like Baltimore RB Larry Brown if available
  3. Next pick (7th round) i'd like Baltimore RB Larry Brown if available
  4. "I'd love to watch Jack Youngblood play. His tan arms hanging out of his sleeveless jersey, he'd put those pipes on the ground, and even at 240 pounds, he would show great moves and natural strength for an undersized player. He was extremely quick, had underrated strength, and he got great leverage against the tackles.″ —ESPN analyst Sean Salisbury
  5. With 2 of the next 7 picks here are some distractions to lead you away from the players i really want .... RB CHUCK FOREMAN RB CHARLIE SMITH WT LYNN SWANN WT CLIFF BRANCH WT GLENN DOUGHTY LB RANDY GRANDISHAR & HENRY REED DB BOBBY BRYANT & BIVIAN LEE
  6. hey duke are you available for a game sometime im houston oilers patriots are my last game on the sched let me know when works

    1. Kovalkin


      my AIMs been effing up lately along with the work schedule when are good times?

    2. von_dutcharama


      im available most nights from about 9-11 est ... busy tonight but wanna try for 9:00 sunday night?

  7. Lol interesting didnt know tom beer was so highly regarded i see a WR with 38 rating for receptions and 50 rating for ball control van heusen has 81 ball control so been using him for kick returns .. the coaching staff might throw tom beer in for last game of the season if nothing else so the fans can have one last look at him before we cut ties
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