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  1. The date is going to be Saturday, May 18, 2019. I just need some time to coordinate a few things before I officially put up the thread.
  2. I'm gonna try and make this tournament again this year. If you're in the CT area, I highly recommend this tournament. Last year was my first trip to the tournament (and Connecticut) ever and ARNCOEM ran a solid, professional tournament. The venue is spacious with great food. If you haven't been to this one, you should check it out!
  3. Shit. Mort's Tecmo Level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!! ...at least I can take him in Ice Hockey.
  4. I'm in! If I get the Mike Tyson's Punch Out cartridge, I consider the day a victory.
  5. HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS! If you're looking for the perfect el-cheapo hotel, there's a Knights Inn within a mile of the venue for $50 a night. There is also a Best Western Suites near the venue which is $160 a night.
  6. Awesome man! There will be a post-tournament local barcade thing again this year, and yes, they have NBA Jam. Glad to have you on board!
  7. MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! We have a Super Bowl XXV 32 oz glass mug! We have two official Super Bowl XXV plastic cups featuring the Super Bowl, Giants, and Bills logos! We have a Darrell Green 7-11 Big Gulp cup from 1991! We have a Game Boy Coffee Mug that when you put hot liquid in it, Super Mario Land shows up on the side! ...and if you have drinks, you need something to put them on, so my lovely lady is making Pearler Bead Coasters of Tecmo Super Bowl Plays! Here's just a few of what she has made! See you guys on the 19th!
  8. Well, @Ones11fahzu has two Tupa Bowl championships, Louis has one, and Mort has zero, so if *MAAYYYYYYBEEEE* Matt Miller shows up, he's the favorite, even if gats comes.
  9. MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! We are raffling off the LEGENDARY Nintendo Power Glove! It works! I played Tecmo with it! I didn't win! It can be yours, but you have to come to Tupa Bowl!
  10. MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! How about a Bo Jackson Bobblehead? How about a Tom Tupa Autographed Ohio State Photo?
  11. RAFFLE PRIZES! A raffle drawing will happen mid-way through the tournament. Tickets can be purchased the day of the event. Here's a sneak peek at what we are raffling off so far! Cleveland Browns Bernie Kosar Jersey Autographed L.A. Rams Henry Ellard Jersey Sign up today, the tournament is four weeks away!
  12. REGISTRATION IS LIVE! http://www.tecmocolumbus.com
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