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  1. @YouTuberGainz https://t.co/i2k3LT9LKV

  2. Yummmm. Smoked brisket. https://t.co/LPqqZyLerR

  3. @kcamp3 You’ll be watching the train wreck soon enough. Don’t worry.

  4. @kcamp3 Well there's good news. Apparently my new smoker has wifi built in and all I had to do was buy an antenna. :D

  5. @youtuberz20188 https://t.co/i2k3LSSaml

  6. @AllynPaul https://t.co/uockijCJ25

  7. Scored this Pellet Smoker off CL for $350. Woot woot! https://t.co/RWGq0CCyz9

  8. @smgamesafari @kcamp3 Guess you’ll need to get married sooner.

  9. @davidrocknyc Do you feel the MicGo is really that much better to get over the Micro for the price?

  10. @kcamp3 My luck as well.

  11. @davidrocknyc Gorilla pod would be nice.

  12. @The_Walterrific @4WheelParts That's right by where I grew up.

  13. @LoverOfTechBA @OfficialMr_West And that is?

  14. Congrats to @manuelascanio93. They were picked as the $25 Amazon Gift Card Winner! @manuelascanio93 please DM me to… https://t.co/z6uuuYg2ZC

  15. Last day! Less than 700 signups! https://t.co/CgINE6f1UY Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card… https://t.co/zeHchh6M9J