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  1. Sorry guys, I regretfully have to bow out of today's tourney. Jimmy P, Kyle B. and Jordan W. will not attend today. Cleveland got the best of us last night til 4 am. Sorry, will def see you all next weekend at MW
  2. Kyle B's bachelor party is that weekend in Cleveland. We decided to make it two weekends of Tecmo in a row. Please add three more to the list. Jimmy P. Kyle B. Jordan W. Thanks, can't wait!!!
  3. Min. 24 - Rams 21 http://www.tecmoplayers.com/?page_id=72&game=66505 Great game by Laz! Back and forth the whole way, Hersch scores on 4 and 2 with 7 seconds to go.
  4. Lou, I can prolly play tonight anytime just let me know. I can also play anytime tomorrow morning/afternoon, if you wanna squeeze it in the next 24 hours. This evening or even late will work after 10:00 EST.
  5. I'd like in if its not too late
  6. Jim Socks 13

    TTS IV Team Event Coming Soon!

    I'd like in also, that is if anyone drafts me...Be like 5th grade dodgeball all over again!
  7. Jim Socks 13

    TTS III Champion: Regulator

    CIN (Jim Socks 13) - 17 K.C. (jfagundes04) - 7 GG to jfagundes, a lot of tunrovers both ways but his two in the red zone were crucial. Brooks had a good day on the ground. Great game all round by Jay.
  8. Jim Socks 13

    Jim Socks 13

    AIM: [email protected] Email: [email protected] ***(Best way to contact) Twitter: @JimSocks13 Availability: Monday thru Friday after 9PM EST, Weekend - Varies
  9. Jim Socks 13

    TTS III: Pro-Am Challenge Signups

    I'd like to join...can host AIM: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Twitter: JimSocks13 Available: after 9:00 EST weekdays, weekends vary