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  1. Please hit me up as soon as get a chance. [email protected]

    or discord.  Thanks bud 

  2. QB Lions

    NGTL S4 Roll Call

    I'm out this year
  3. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Rufus Porter and Brian Blades
  4. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Ickey Woods and Billups
  5. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Harmon and Bayless RB4 DB4
  6. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Packers DL
  7. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Lions take Worley/Everett
  8. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    SEA OL
  9. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Mike Singletary and the slow white piece of trashski at WR
  10. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Lions take Don Majkowski, defense be damned!
  11. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Lions take Flipper Anderson & the steaming pile known as Fred Strickland
  12. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Draft

    The Fighting Caldwells select Bo Jackson
  13. QB Lions

    HSTL S43 Round 0

    Lions take pick 2
  14. Group B Coin Toss winner: Casual T Calls: CHI/KC QBLions takes KC KC takes a 14-0 lead into halftime in control. The bears bounce back with an unreal 6:30 drive that ends with a TD and a blocked XP by DT. KC goes 3 and out and punts, plays some prevent Defense and the bears score as the game ends. Another blocked XP makes it 14-12 KC TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns2
  15. Getting the thread started as Ol' Dirty has sent me some questions to kick things off! We are off to a 1-1 start after the move to the uber competitive NFC Central. Was last season a fluke or the beginnings of a consistent winning franchise? It's been a journey since joining online tecmo earlier this year. I think alot of it will depend on the draft. The owners in this league fall into 3 categories. The elite, the competitors, and the door mats. While the elite can usually excel with subpar teams and the competitors will really depend on a good draft. I fall into the second category, 6-10 or 10-6 depending on the teams talent. What have you been doing to improve your game so quickly? Getting alot of games in and watching streams. Playing in GTFO where we get a season done in 2 weeks has done wonders for my game. Regularly playing against Nos, Prime, Odell and picking up little tidbits here and there. Also asking alot of questions, brudog, ol' dirty, toolie all have been helpful when trying to figure out what defender to use against certain plays and why. Who else do you think has a similar playstyle to you, and what is it? I would say my playstyle is similar to Ptitteri. I consider myself a plus runner and still working on my passing game. Have no issue at all tucking it with the QB and taking 4 yards rather then chance a deep bomb. I would rather grind out a 17-14 game with you and play the possession game then get into a shootout. One of the hardest things for me to adapt to is JJs. Outside of halftime and being down a ton late this was always frowned upon live growing up. Usually resulted with someone getting slugged in the arm for completing a JJ. What do you like/not like about your team and chances this year The defense should be good overall, and like my running game with Bailey. However I wasn't planning on running with Jay Schroeder and this will probably keep me around the 6 win mark. I ate alot of sacks in my first game due to completely being afraid to get rid of the ball with Jay's PC. I think my D will keep me in alot of games but against certain opponents I will be in big trouble. If I sniff .500 this year I would be more then happy.